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Hello my lovelies!

Just before Zoella sadly announced that after this Christmas, she will no longer be producing any of her #Zoellabeauty range, she announced a collaboration with the American brand Colourpop…..

The range was exclusive to the Colourpop website and is/was based on brunching with your friends, so very aptly she named it “brunch”. The range has a choice of:-

  • A egg splattered make-up bag
  • An Eyeshadow Palette
  • Liquid Lipsticks (in 3 shades)
  • A Highlighter
  •  Blush
  • A set of 2 liquid eyeshadows
  • 3 different lip kits (containing a liquid lipstick and lipliner)
  • 2 Khol eye pencils

Even though the range was exclusive to their website, the colab was made even more accessible for us in the UK because they were offering free shipping to everyone! Which also means no import fees too! I was tempted to get the PR set but that was close to £100 and we all know by now that this girl is a cheap skate and I literally could not bring myself to pay that (even though it is really good priced considering you get everything that I have mentioned above). This is honestly the first collection that I have EVER set a timer on my phone for, and here is what I bought…

The lipstick

The 3 colours in the range was a BRIGHT red, a brown and a mauve brown/pink. I was so tempted to get the red because in all of Zoe’s Christmas vlogs she wears a red from Colourpop at some stage and she raves about them, but I honestly don’t know how many red shades 1 person can have. So I went fr the mauve Pink/brown colour which is called “@ME”.

 This is such a good choice! It is honestly a “your lips but better shade” and wears so nice. Because it is so close to your own lip colour it wears super nice and naturally too, you can’t even see it starting to fade. And come on, I haven’t spoke about the packaging yet but can we please take a moment? It’s baby pink with eggs splattered around it! Total throwback moment for some reason, God know why it is but it makes me look happy on the inside just looking at it.

The Eyeshadow Palette

Like I could buy something from this range and not get the eyeshadow palette!?! I mean that is basically the main selling point of this range, it was so hyped considering it wasn’t officially released, and lets face it EVERYONE was talking about the blue shade!!

The colours are really pigmented and nicely bendable. After watching one of Zoe’s vlogs I am now obsessed with putting the blue on my eyelid and blending it out, a touch of Kat Von D highlighter in the inner corners and that is it! It is so effective too! I have now started to do this with other bright eye-shadows and if you know me then you know how much of a big step this is for me to use more daring colours other than brown. I have read people giving Zoe grief on the colour range in the palette but I am a fan of them, yes they are mainly browns but you have that blue shade, matts, shimmers and colours you can use for inner corner highlight. For the price of this palette you honestly can’t go wrong. And have you heard of the names of the colours? They are all things you would see on a cute cafes breakfast/brunch menu, for example, French Toast, Cinnamon Sugar, Americano, Sunny Side Up. Plus the packaging is a lovely soft pale pink shade with “sunny side up” eggs, heart shaped berries and pancakes dotted about, they have also incorporated 2 egg whites around 2 of the eye-shadows which completely brings the palette together. It is in a steady packaging with a large mirror and a strong magnet meaning you don’t have to worry when it is in you bag or you go travelling with it.

Did you manage to get anything from the range? If I remember right the range sold out in a couple of minutes!

Kathleen xox

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