Zoella Lifestyle Range 2017

three of the zoella lifestyle products on a grey carpet with purple tinsel

Hiya guys,

So I know I’m a bit late jumping onto the band wagon with this one, but believe me I have had these bad boys in my possession since September!!! Sadly her advent calendar isn’t in this collection, granted because of the price but that was out of Zoella’s control, I just can’t bring myself to buy it (even at half price :/ ) But I do have the….

Cosy Vibes Mug

close up picture of the Zoella Cosy Vibes Mug

This cute little mug is £8, which isn’t that bad is it? It’s is just the right size to warm your hands on, on these cold Winter days. It is nice and sturdy, the hand is not too large or small, so you know you are getting your moneys worth. The inside of the mug it is a nice festive, deep green colour, whereas the outside is a lovely bright white with gold dots all over it. And lets not forget the main focus on the mug…. the swirly “Cosy Vibes” quote on the front of it.

Cosy Vibes mug in front of a wooden collander


This Is Your Year Desk Calendar


Zoella tabletop calendar

This is £10 and SOOOO worth the money! Basically you get a little plank of wood with a golden ‘Z’ embossed on it, with 12 past card like pieces of cardboard (for each month of the year, but you’ll have already guessed that one!!)

Zoella desktop calendar

Each month has a different, cute little phrase/ saying on them. They will be great to cut in half and frame (the saying part that is).

Sock and Candle Gift Set


Zoella Sock and Candle gift set

This cute set is £18. This would be such a great gift to give one of your female friends for Christmas! Not surprisingly you get a set of grey socks and a ‘Cosy Christmas’ candle. The socks are a medium knit and soooooo cosy! They go half way up your calf and even though they can slip down when you wear them, they don’t twist and turn and fall off, thye just gather at your ankles (They would look great on an insta photo if you dont have Casper the friendly ghost coloured legs). As for the candle….. Oh My Gawddd! By far the best candle she has brought out in my eyes. It’s sweet but not too sweet (kinda like last years Hungry Hands Hand Cream) and it lasts a decent amount of time when lit, I think it lasted me 2 weeks and I lit that beauty every single night!

There are so many more cute items that Zoella has brought out in the Lifestyle range, I could have went MENTAL and basically blew my wages on them all! If you didn’t know, her Beauty range is exclusive to Superdrug while her Lifestyle range is exclusive to Boots.

See you all soon!


Kathleen xox
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