YSL Rouge Volupte Shine

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Happy first blog post of 2017, hope this year is going great for you so far!! Today we are having a look at the Yve Saint Laurent, Rouge Volupte Shine, oil – in – stick.

As one of my Christmas presents off my mam, I got this little beauty! Granted I mainly asked for this because it is so pretty to look at, but to wear it is just as good!

So at first I was a total make-up magpie and didn’t really read up on what it was, I thought it was just a normal lipstick in an amazing case, but even though it is actually classed as a lipstick it simply adds subtle shine of colour to your lips. It’s great when you want a little something on your lips but not full on lipstick or tacky textured lip gloss.

How nice and subtle is that!?! This is the shade “48 – Smoking Plum”. It goes on nice and smoothly, you don’t need to faff about with lip liner and it gradually wears off. But since its such a subtle sheer colouring, you can’t really tell when it is wearing away.

I wish I had this during Winter because it so moisturising you could just use this instead of using a lip balm and then lip colour. The amount of shade available is amazing as well, they are a bit pricey at £26 per tube, but the product is really worth it; it applies well, lasts a nice amount of time and has a nice sweet smell. The packaging is made to last!, it’s nice and sturdy, has a good solid click when you put the lid on, not to mention just how nice it looks!! (the colour you pick is also the colour in the YSL circle).

I will be investing in more products from YSL in the near future! They are well worth the money.


Kathleen xox

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