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candle lit bubble bath

Hey guys,

So this past week has been a mentally straining one to say the least! Basically on the 26th it was 10 years since I lost my dad 🙁 buttttt then on the 28th it was a year since I started this cute little space on the big wide web!!

Laptop with a green book on it and an eyeshadow palette. A alice of home made cake on a black and white plate with a pen and more makeup around it

Something I have really been trying to do lately is to take just a couple of minutes and concentrate on myself. Yehhh I know this sounds selfish, but if you make yourself ill then what use are you to anyone?? I was having this talk with a friend the other day and she said that a cute little thing to do is to write down 3 things that have made you happy each day. This is A LOT harder to do than you think, but knowing you have to do this, you will then find yourself doing more things FOR YOU! Even if it’s buying your favourite lipstick again. You can even buy little books from places like Waterstones for writing down a memory a day or there is even one called ‘a Q And A A Day’ where its 5 years worth on little snippets of your life!!!

three memory books on a brown shelf

If you don’t fancy doing that, how about popping your headphones in every now and then and just going for a walk, you don’t have to have a end point in mind just walk and then decide whether to turn left or right. But the main thing here is not to rush, take your time and take in what is around you! Even if you don’t believe there is anywhere pretty near you, there will be!

This is from the Fairy Dell in Coulby Newham. I was walking home with my sister and niece, but instead of walking our normal way, I saw a little path off to the right and that is what I found! Or just looking around more, on a different walk I saw a butterfly on the floor… I got soooooo close to it you could almost see the hairs on its back… but I’ve lost the photo I took 🙁 Once I took the photo I just stood there like a little kid watching it flutter away among the green leaves of the trees. You just can’t get any better than turning back into a kid and actually looking at your surroundings, why are we all in a rush to get from place to place? Just to get older and more grumpy at people actually living their lives?

If you don’t fancy going for a walk, why not get some of your friend round and just have a good catch up or have a night out with them?! Or if there is a family event on… get your fancy outfit and shoes on and go! Pretty much THE worst thing you can do if your having a down day or just feeling naff, is to isolate yourself from everybody. Honestly, it sounds like the worse thing to do at the time (I know I have these days/ feelings ALOT) but it will make you feel SOOOOOOO much better when you are with your friends and/or family.

stairs wrapped in fairy lights

Soooo I might have went off on a little tangent there and I’m sorry, but honestly you need to make more ‘you time’, even if it’s just to keep yourself sane!! Go and have a candle lit bubble bath and relax, whether you put music on, watch Youtube, read a book or your favourite blog, just go and relax!! As of now make 30 minutes/ 1 hour a day or every other day for some ‘you time’ and you will feel less stressed and better in yourself in no time!

I know this has been different to the normal posts and it’s been a while since we had one like this, but I really enjoy just getting lost on a little rant (even if they make no sense or it’s just me repeating myself).


Kathleen xox

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