Twinkle Twinkle – Barry M Nail Varnish

Hey guys,

So I have absolutely no idea how this post is going to go to be honest! I’m liking this whole trying new posts thing that seems to be happening, I know this sounds stupid but its like stepping out of my comfort zone (which I’m trying to do more in general)

But today we have a nail varnish review… Yep that right, nail varnish! What on earth can you really wright about a nail varnish?…. Let’s see what happens!!

It’s the Barry M Nail Paint that is limited to Superdrug called ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and it is a Silvey-Rosegold colour.


Isn’t it just the best looking nail varnish you have seen!?! I mean who doesn’t love rose gold?


It applies so nicely! I struggle with some of the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes because in order for you to get the proper colour, you have to apply two or more layers. And with some of them it can start to peel off off your nails within a day, even when you put on thin layer(s)! But with this specific nail varnish you only need one layer and your all set! Even if you apply two layers it doesn’t peel! I applied mine a week ago and its still pretty much all in one piece (as in it looks like I applied it a day or two ago). So that is also a plus point for the fact of just how long it lasts!

And with it being Barry M it’s also super affordable! (around about £4 ish) As you can guess from the name of this nail varnish you can ONLY get this specific colour from Superdrug (I can’t find this specific one online but I’ll still leave a link here). Apart from some Ferne Cotton nail varnishes I got a couple of years ago for Christmas, Barry M is my go-to nail varnish. They are just so good value for money!

I’ll be back super soon with another post

Kathleen xox
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