Travel Diary – Tenerife

view of the beach

Hey guys,

Last week I went on holiday with my brother and his little extended family (my sister-in-law, 2 nephews, and my sister-in-laws sister and niece) and we went to Tenerife! (not like you wouldn’t have been able to guess that by the title). But I just had to write it down and share the holiday with you. We went Sunday 7th October to Sunday 14th October and oh my God, it was possibly the best time to go, the temperatures during the day were mostly 27 degrees and on our last full day they hit 29 degrees! And we celebrated my brothers birthday while we were over there. Here is some of the stuff we got up to…


Well this is a stupid part of this post but kind of an essential one, I mean you can’t have a holiday abroad without the travel.

pint of peroni in newcastle airport

me and my two nephews ready to set off to tenerife

The prices in the airport are just ridiculous! I mean £4 for a Burger King bacon bun?! and £6 odd for a pint of Peroni!?(that fell on my brothers round). It took us 4 hours to get from Newcastle Airport to Tenerife and then another 4 hours (5 1/2 including the delay due to a fault with the plane aka the plane had no left phalange) back again.

The hotel

Like I could write about the holiday without putting in a little section on the hotel. Our rooms were a really good size and the huge balconies looked over the entertainment so we could either sit by the pool and watch or grab as many drinks as we could and go onto the balcony and watch/play cards.

view of the hotel pool during the day from the balcony
The view from the balcony during the day
view of the mountains when you leave the hotel room
The view from the back of the hotel
the pool at night from the balcony
The view from the balcony at night

The food was unreal! This was my first all inclusive holiday so it was my first time experiencing a food buffet for breakfast, dinner and tea! And considering I can’t have milk I didn’t feel like I missed out at all, they definitely accommodated for everyone, they even had “sin Lactosa” milk so you could have cereal.

Aqua Land

With the price of our hotel we also got tickets to go to Aqua Land and after a chilled day or 2 around the pool we went there to kill some of the day.  We were there for a good 4 hours and went on pretty much every single ride there, it’s like a mini Sian Park, just filled with water rides. The only thing I would say is I wouldn’t pay 30/40 Euro to go back in there. But saying that if you want your photo taken with a dolphin then that is where you need to be (100 Euro to go in the pool and/or 20 euro for a photo with a dolphin).

Monkey World

Oh my God, this is possibly the cutest place I have ever been to. You pay 10 Euro to get in and 3 euro for a tub of food then you get to go round in cages with Guinea pigs (lots and lots of these), monkeys, parrots and even a large tortoise in them and you get to feed them!

me feeding a ginnie pig

Then you can go round and see more monkeys in separate enclosure and feed them too! There are also some enclosures with lizards in.

a monkey reaching and getting food from my nephews hand

nephew looking at an animal in monkey world

nephew reaching over and feeding a monkey

Even though some people who have been to Monkey World years ago might call it naff now you definitely should go and experience it for yourself,I think this should be a must when you go to Tenerife.

Sian Park

This is one part of Tenerife that people say you MUST visit and to be honest I wasn’t really that bothered if I went there or not, but wow it definitely is a place you should visit. It is pretty much 40 euro to get in and it is well worth the money. It’s a huge water park and you can go on the rides as much as you like as long as you are willing to que up for them, but you can buy a que jump which cost 15 euro but you are only allowed to go on each ride once with your jump ticket. The main bad boy ride there is this slide….

the view of the big slide in Sian Park

It’s bloody huge! But me and my nephew went on it. On the way up the stairs we were commenting that nobody seems to be screaming and we will soon be changing that… but you don’t get chance to scream. You lay and when the lifeguard pushes you over that is it, it’s over (I didn’t even open my eyes before I was out in the end pool), but you get such a massive rush from it.

We spent hours there are went on ever single ride (one of them 4 times) we even went into the kids park because there was a massive bucket that tipped water onto you (but we got told off for being too old). It also has a wave pool which is ridiculous in the height the waves get to and if you go to the back of the pool as the waves are ending the  power of them literally knocked grown men off their feet! Like I said this should definitely be a MUST when you go to Tenerife. Unfortunately that was the only photo I took as you have to put all your belongings in a locker and I was too busy having fun to think about photos.

Everything else

We also had a morning at the Las Americas beach, we bought some floats and literally say in them and floated for a couple of hours.

view of the beach

Instead of getting a taxi to the beach, we got the free bus from out hotel to Las Americas which drops you off outside The Hard Rock Hotel and obviously we had to get photos in front of the guitar!

me, my brother and 2 nephews infront of the Hard Rock cafe guitar

It was on this holiday as well that I realised that my “little” nephews were not so little anymore and this photo just proves it…

me and my nephews on a stand with the sea behind us

Apart from these trips we literally sat by the pool and sunbathed alllllll day, absolute bliss!

me on a sunbed by the pool squinting while checking my phone

view of the hotel and mountains from the side of the hotel pool

I would love to go back here on another holiday, it was just so peaceful and relaxed.



Kathleen xox

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