Travel Diary – Edinburgh Christmas Markets

The big wheel lit up at the market

Hi guys,

Last week me and my friend took not only our first friends trip (which is shocking considering we have been friends for 22 years) but also both of our first trips to Edinburgh. We went on the 30th November so that the Christmas Markets were in full swing and nobody could complain that “it’s too early to be excited for Christmas” welllll if you say that you need to embrace your childish side because Christmas is THE best time of the year and it is NEVER too early to start buying or getting in the spirit.

We booked our tickets for a same day return but it still gave us a good 7 hours there and we found that it was long enough for us. I downloaded our train tickets onto the Trainline App and even though it was really out of the ordinary and a little worrying not having paper tickets, it was actually super easy. The app even tells you want platforms you will be getting on and off t and if the trains are on time or delayed (saves the stress of trying to find your train on them TV’s which list a million different trains and switch pages in a second). We grabbed our Costa Coffee and set off confidently for our platform.

We arrived in Edinburgh about half past 11 and in the train station it has 4 different exits. Instead of going out the Prince’s street exit which would have lead us straight to the market, we thought that the Market Street exit would have taken us there (because it’s a market it makes sense it being on Market street) but nope it didn’t (shock) but we started our travels in Edinburgh by going up! and even though there were shops and pubs we ended up seeing the Castle!!!


Edinburgh Castle

Either side of the Castle you can look out over the buildings, to the left of this picture it looked like real old school London where the buildings are being made,it even looked foggy. Then to the right it looked brighter and more modern buildings so sense would say the market would be on that side, so after taking your typical selfie photo in front of the Castle we made our way back down the hill. Even though I had my outfit planned I was going to treat myself to a pair of Irregular Choice boots which have a small heel, and with how steep the hill was and the fact it poured down later I am so glad I didn’t buy them because I would have landed on my bum going down that hill!

Our first sight of the market

There it is! Our first sight of the market! We were like giddy kids the rest of the way there and OH MY GOD when you get to the entrance the small is even Christmasey. You hear Christmas songs, smell mulled wine and freshly cooked hot-dogs, it even started to rain (but it was trying to turn to snow).

the market hutches lit up with christmas lights

one of the hutches which looked like christmas threw up on it


Your have 3 rows of little Christmas hutches (not including random side hitches, at the bottom you have a section with entertainment like bumper cars and at the top you have the big wheel, a carousel and a couple of fair rides.

big wheel and carousel lit up at night

one of the fairground rides lighting up one of the old buildings

After we went round the market a couple of time and went on the big wheel, we decided to hit the shops and explore some more of Edinburgh.

a light up christmas tree in the middle of one of the streets

We went into Hamleys, Pandora, Michael Kors and God knows how many other shops! Ohhhh one was Harvey Nichols because I realllllly wanted the Fenty Beauty travel set but couldn’t bring myself to pay £6 just to get it delivered at home! We did debate going on the ice rink but it had been pouring down and the rink was outside so chickened out and decided to go back to the market and indoor shopping centre.But we also managed to find the Silent Disco lights (which would have looked better if we ad found them when it was dark), The Grand Edinburgh Hotel which had the cutest Nutcrackers guarding the door and that’s not to mention all of the other buildings which were decorated…

The nightmare we had actually getting home didn’t even dampen the day. I would definitely recommend Edinburgh to anyone, the market is cute, the buildings look amazing and even the atmosphere was nice. This place is somewhere I now have on my list to go back during the year for a weekend or a couple of days away.


Kathleen xox
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