Travel Diary – A day at the Waterfalls

view from on the waterfall

Hey guys,

At the weekend I had a trip don to Richmond Waterfalls with my brother and his family (my soon to be sister in law, niece and nephews). I know quite a few people will have already been here but this is legit such a beautiful and peaceful place.

Richmond waterfalls from the car parkview from on the waterfall

It’s about a 45 minute drive away and the most of it isn’t that bad, it’s just one road with a couple of roundabouts. But once you actually hit Richmond it all changes, it turns into chute houses and building and cobbled roads, BUT them roads are tiny and there was more than one road we went down I doubted we were able to a) make it down the road and b) were allowed to drive down the road. But have no fear, once you have gone up through the town then back down again you reach your destination.

The car park only compensates for about 35 cars, you might need to wait a little bit for a space (I would have parked up sooner if a tool of a biker had parked in the bike bay instead of hogging an entire car space!). Then you need to pay £4 for all day parking and have a couple of 20p’s spare in case you need a wee of some privacy to change your clothes.

2 of my nephews playing in the rocks

Once you have found a spot and paid to park all you need to do is go and explore and jump off the waterfalls! One of my nephews was obsessed with the fish (and to be honest so was I). He even found a dead fish and the little wierdo scooped it out of the water.

Trying to catch fish on the river Swale

Another one of the boys stripped to his swim shorts and went in the other direction and went climbing!

Sitting on a tree on the river swale

My plan was to watch for a little bit and then brave the water, but truth be told I wanted to be in there, it looked like so much fun plus I knew I would regret it if I didn’t…

Exploring the river swale at richmond waterfalls

I mean I am clearly enjoying life a little too much! I even jumped (well I tried to jump) off the waterfall!!!! But what had me and my nice and sister in law in stitches was the fact I had Converse on (note: it’s best to keep your trainers on as the rocks are slippy!!) and when I sat down and lifted my feet out of the water my shoes had two little streams coming from the through the holes on the inside of the trainers.

On a nice hot day (which let’s face it at the minute it’s everyday) it is well worth a trip to this beautiful place! I would love to go back, you can spend as long as you want there, it has a cute little pick-nick area, on the site map there is a park somewhere too. It would be nice to set off a little earlier and spend the entire day exploring! And because you are in and out of the water you don’t really touch your phone, so it is also great for getting some well needed head space. Let me know if you have visited Richmond waterfalls and what you thought of it.


Kathleen xox
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