The Morphe 35T Palette

Hi guys!

Happy December!!! and happy Friday, it is the weekend!! hope you have a fantastic weekend planned. Today I have an eyeshadow palette for you to drool over, but not just any eyeshadow palette.. this eyeshadow palette…

I mean just look at it! how can an eyeshadow palette look so good? This is the Morphe 35T palette. I am on a work Christmas night out next weekend and I really wanted to feel nice, not just in a great outfit but with make-up as well, so I started looking for some new eye shadows. And thats when i stumbled on Beauty Bay  who stock the brand “Morphe”, who I had obviously heard of how great their brushes are, but what about their eye shadow? At £21 I thought I would give one a try. And am I so glad that I did!!


So how pigmented is this massive palette of shadows? well going from left to right (without primer) this is what you get…




And that is just one swirl of the finger in the shade and straight onto my arm!! How pigmented are they?! I LOVE the shiny metallic ones, they are just dreamy!

So I ordered this while I was at work around 6pm on a Saturday night and got an e-mail on the Sunday saying that my order had been processed and is on its way. So I thought “well it’s Sunday today so there is no way I will get it today, maybe Tuesday” oooooooh how wrong was I at 1pm that same Sunday, there was a knock at my door and there it was!


My Beauty Bay delivery!!! I couldn’t believe it, I mean what company delivers on a Sunday without charging extra for a Sunday delivery? and a make-up delivery at that! I was unbelievably happy. The delivery packaging was nice and sturdy, there was brown paper in the box and the palette itself was in bubble wrap. So there was little to no chance of the palette being damaged.

When applying the actual eye shadows, they are SO pigmented (like I have said and shown above) and there is little to no fall out when you are applying them to your eyelids. And they last for the entire day! Plus with there being 35 different shades, your eyeshadow combinations are pretty much endless!! I am so looking forward to playing with this when getting ready next week!

I love this palette and I am even considering buying another one of the Morphe palette… but maybe after Christmas. However, if you are buying a present for a teenager or a make-up lover then this should be in your list of possible presents. I can not wait to put my next order in with Beauty Bay, the speed of delivery and quality of their products is just unbelievable!

Until Sunday guys!


Kathleen xox

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