The Last of Us Part 2

Well this is something new for me and God knows how this is going to go! But something not many of you will know about me, unless you follow me on Instagram (which if not you totally should it’s, @thatgingerglow) but I love playing on the PlayStation. And one of the people at work suggested that I do the odd game review. So why not?!

Obviously the first game that I want to talk about is The Last of Us Part 2. Why obviously? Well the original game came out and I’m pretty sure most girls lost their boyfriends for a week because you just could not put the game down. And every since then EVERYONE who played it have been waiting 7 longggggg years for the second game. It has been pushed back so many times because stupid people were leaking spoilers or the company who makes the game, the one and only Naughty Dog, kept pushing the release date back until they thought the game was the best quality that it could possibly be.

The Game!

Be warned the rest of this will contains spoilers…

There is a brief moment at the start of the game where you play as some random girl who is up a hill/mountain. They don’t give you any background or information on who she is but by the build of her you can tell she is not Ellie. She is like Ellie… times 3…. on steroids. But you soon discover she is called Abby, and she becomes VERY important.

Ellie …

We find out pretty soon that in the period of time between the first game and this game, Joel and Ellie have found themselves in a lovely little village with kids, dogs, horses, bars pretty much everything that you need. Ellie has added some nice tattoos to her arm (which is the design on the badge and bag I got with the game, photo below). You also find out the Ellie likes to get stoned and is a lesbian, which I like but a little part of me (however wrong it may be) hoped that her and Joel would have a bit of a thing. I know, I know, Joel is old enough to be Ellie’s dad but still, don’t lie and try and say a part of you wasn’t hoping for it.


Right this is the first major spoiler so if you don’t want the game spoiling, skip ahead. You go from being Ellie to the girl from the beginning, Abby, where you are chased by some freakers and end up in a building with Joel and another man who saves you. You end up having to leave that building and go to one which Abby says has some of her friends in. Joel says he will stay for the night as there is a massive snowstorm happening outside. But you soon realise something is majorly up and they aren’t as nice and friendly as they appear….

BOOM! They start attacking Joel and that bloke he was with (not a clue who he is, they do say his name but he is boring). You go back to play as Ellie who is trying to find Joel. She eventually finds the building they are in, sneaks through the house unseen/unheard then when it comes to the main door you need to go in she f***s up big time! I was all prepared with my gun fully loaded but the idiot bursts through the door instead of creeping it open and taking some people out. I know you are not meant to know what is happening but if someone is attacking Joel to the point of his cries out, you know that it is more than one person. Ellie, no shock, gets taken to the ground just in time to see Abby give Joel one large MOFO swing to the head with a golf club, instantly killing him.

I mean, I was heartbroken and like Ellie, I wanted to seek revenge on the b**ch that killed Joel, which turns into the main story line for most of the game (setting up for another spoiler right there!).


So, we don’t exactly get off to the best start with Abby, we actively seek her out for killing Joel, but half way through the game you are forced to play as Abby. I’m not going to lie this really put me off playing the game, I lost all motivation to pick up the controller but damn it, this character was not going to stop me playing the game I have waited so long for. A couple of hours into playing as Abby I actually started to soften to her and you realise that the doctor Joel killed in the first game when he was saving Ellie was Abby’s dad. So yeah, just like we (as Ellie) were seeking Abby out for killing Joel, she was doing the same and had been trying to get revenge for her dads murder. Side tracking a little her but, the person who voiced Abby actually got death threats from The Last of Us fans because of the character killing Joel! Wow, I know we all like the game but come on, that is ridiculous! If anybody should have been getting that kind of reaction it should have been Naughty Dog for creating the story line.

Like I have said already, Abby has a large kind of buff figure but there was a scene that really didn’t have to be as long as it was. Background – As part of the Abby story line you go after a man who is Abby’s ex and they soooooo still has feelings for each other but he is now in a relationship with another woman who is pregnant with his kid. You find him in an Aquarium and they end up having sex. The start of the scene they kiss (obviously) then they extend the scene too long and basically you see Abby’s boobs which are more like pecks! I know when you train you are naturally a member of the Iddy Biddy Hello Kitty Titty Committee because your muscles are more toned, but we really did not need to see that or the couple of moments after. They could have done the kissing scene, faded out and then resume with the next clip which is Abby waking up cuddled under the sheets. We are adults here, we don’t need it explaining what was happening on the boat.

When you play as her because of her build you don’t feel the need to have weapons, you can kill most freakers with you bare hands or a quick stomp to the head. You also see the softer side to Abby when she makes a friend in a child called Lev and protects him like a big sister. Could this be Naughty Dogs way of recreating the whole Joel and Ellie story from the first game?.

The Freakers/ Infected

Of course we have the same freakers that are in the first game but Naughty Dog stepped it up a level by adding more scary situations in abandoned buildings/ hallways. We have a few new variations of freakers and then the big man himself, The Rat King! Honestly Google image this beast, I was actually shaking when fighting him. But well done Naughty Dog, well done, this character is honestly the next level!.

Final thoughts…

Overall I’m not mad at the game. Was it worth the 7 year wait? Ermmm I’m honestly not sure. I still enjoyed the game but could that be because the first game was so good? Yeah it was a little disappointing at first when you had to play as Abby but I ended up not hating the character. You can see and understand why Naughty Dog created the game the way they did. They ended up showing that Abby was just another version of Ellie but because we all know and love Ellie from the first game, you don’t see the resemblance at first. But both characters seek revenge for a loved one that was murdered and in order to so this they kill people that the other character is close to.

Towards the end of the game we see Ellie, who leaves her partner in order to go and find Abby again to finish what she couldn’t do last time. But it turns out she still couldn’t do it. The game finishes with Abby and Liv leaving together on a boat. Again, could this leave the story line open for a third game? I personally think it does.

I was on furlough the week that this game was released, but sods law, I returned to work on the Tuesday and the game was released on the Friday. However it still only took me 8 days to complete and that is working 8:45-5:15 for 5 days of the week. If you have waited this long to play The Last of Us 2 then I would wait a little longer until it goes on offer, maybe replay The Last of Us first.


Kathleen xox

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