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Tanya Burr cosmetics on a marble top with Tanya Burr Liquid Lipsticks in the background

Hey my lovelies,

So I know I am late jumping on this particular band wagon which is surprising since I have already expressed my love for her liquid lipsticks, but have you tried the Tanya Burr contour sticks and selfie flick eye liner? I was in Superdrug a couple of weeks ago and I thought I would treat myself to them so here is what I think of them…

Contour Stick

Tanya Burr contour stick on a marble background sully rolled out

You get the stick in a light gold tube which simply has the Tanya Burr Cosmetics logo printed on main handle of the tube, it has a sturdy click-y lid that definitely won’t fall off if you don’t want it to and it has a twist bottom where you twist the remaining stick up as you use it. The picture above shows how much you get for your money (well pretty much anyway, I did try and hold off using it before taking pictures but that reallllllyyy didn’t work).

swatch of the Light contour stick from the tanya burr cosmetics range

I picked up the light shade (durr Kathleen you are a pail as Casper you NEED the pale one) thinking it would be £3 ish because that was what the dark stick was priced at but once I check my receipt that cheeky bugger cost me £7! I know it’s only £4 different but awe why are they 2 completely different prices???? But either way it was mine now and I couldn’t wait to try it!

When I got home I tried it on over the top of my makeup…. turns out you really shouldn’t do that, it just took off what makeup I had on! But then again it is a cream contour stick so I should have know that really. So the next morning I applied my foundation and concealer and THEN the contour and oh my gawd did it glide on and lightly buff out and once set with powder it looked so natural I instantly fell in love with it. I have used it ever since and to be fair it hasn’t really gone done that much in the tube and up to now it hasn’t broke me out in spots (touch wood, please don’t let that jinx me). I will definitely be going out and getting more whenever this one decides to run out.

Selfie Flick Eyeliner

Tanya Burr cosmetics on a marble top with Tanya Burr Liquid Lipsticks in the background

The liner comes in a thin (pen sized) golden tube with a lovely black pattern along the base of the lid (I really can’t remember what the pattern is called) and then like the contour stick it has the Tanya Burr Cosmetics logo along one half of the tube but the you turn it round and you have ‘Selfie Flick’ in large fancy, swirl-y writing, very elegant yet subtle.

Selfie Flick wand

And just look at how thin that wand is!!!! You can literally make the thinnest of lines on the top of your lid, or go nice and dramatic as it can create the best line to colour in, not to mention the sharpness of a flick you can create! And just to make this little beaut even better it literally lasts all day (well I’ve pushed it from 7:30 in the morning till 8 at night) and a sweaty dance filled night out (7 at night till 5 in the morning) and I mean the flick stayed put without the need to touch it up.

I mean I love these products but I’m clearly not happy at taking my own photo (just look at that double chin a chubster cheeks). Once again Tanya has hit it well and truly out of the park with these products and the prices are good as well. I can’t wait for her next release!!


Kathleen xox

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