2019 Experiences – Take That

Hey guys,

I know this is a couple of weeks late, but I have just been on holiday for a week (expect a post to follow soon), but to follow on from some of my “2019 Experiences” posts…. Take That came to Teesside and me and my sister got tickets!!!

It was the first time in 30 years that the band had done a gig in Teesside and for their last tour they decided to preform in The Riverside Stadium. That is such a HUGE thing for Teesside and hopefully this is the start of more big names coming here.

Before the concert started at 5pm they hosted a “fan fair” which opened at 2:30. In this “fair” they had multiple stalls selling merchandise, food and alcohol. Instead of going and enjoying that though, we went to a local pub then walked up got a couple of drinks and joined the already growing line (we got standing tickets and wanted to be as close as we could be).

While we were in the line we started speaking to another group of women who were already lucky enough to have been to one of their previous gigs on this tour! They told us not to go the the front of the arena and try to get to the middle because they walk down, and we took the risk and listened to them….

We were so close to the second stage! I think we were the second row of people!! We were that close, when the band made there way to the stage my sister was a midges arse away from touching Howard’s hand!

The opening act was the one and only Rick Astley. He was really good and obviously he left “never going to give you up” until his last song, the rest was a random mix and he was really interactive with both the crowd and the band.

Then they started teasing us with the main 3, the globe started to light up, some advert that included them was flashing up at the sides and their voices started saying odd words every now and then…The globe finally started to turn around and there they were!! So close!!

They sung a couple of songs on the main stage and then made their way down to the second stage. My sister ALMOST touched Howard’s hand!!!! You could literally see everything!! I would say that stayed on this stage for 80% of the time, they stood and properly spoke to the crowd, they said hello to someones sister in Australia and said happy birthday to a 15 year old who was in the crowd.

Then to finish the end of an amazing night anyway they only went and brought LULU onto the stage!! LULU!! Rick Astley, Lulu AND Take That in Teesside on the same night, wow what a statement for Teesside. Plus, as far as I know nothing major happened or kicked off, meaning that hopefully more acts could be performing at The Riverside (fingers crossed).


Kathleen xox

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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    Mariya | https://www.brunetteondemand.com

    1. I really did 🙂

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