Star Attraction! A beautiful No7 gift set

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How is 2018 treating you so far? Can you believe it’s almost the end of January already? I have got to admit that this year has started off as one of the best ones yet!! For Christmas some of my amazing friends and family got me some new makeup at Christmas so I have been in seventh heaven playing with it all!! From a Morphe eyeshadow palette to No7 make up. Today we are going to have a look at one of the presents I got of one of my friends…. The No7 Star Attraction……

No7 gift set in the box with lids closed

Eye shadow Palette

So in this super cute gift set you get 2 palettes, 1 is the ‘illuminating Palette’ and the other is a nude eyeshadow palette. You get the palette in a medium sized golden case with a deep blue lid with the no 7 logo on it, but when you open it up you get this beautiful sight…

Nude shimmer eyeshadows from No7

You get 1 matte brown shade, which is great for your starting colour/base. Which feels super soft to touch but when you try to swatch it you don’t really get any colour pay off (it’s still great to set your primer/ cream eyeshadow base). As for the other 7 shimmery shades, they are just a nice amount of pigment to them whether you want a subtle shimmer or you want to build it up for a more intense shimmer, taking you from a day-time look to a night-time look.


swatches of the No7 eyeshadow palette

Illuminating Palette

The pretty box with the golden lid is the Illuminating palette. In this palette you get 3 illuminating shades; White with a gold shimmer, Pink with a gold shimmer and a brow/ dark pink with a gold shimmer.


No7 Illuminating palette

I LOVE using the white one, it is great for my pale skin tone, the slight gold shimmer makes it a lovely natural glow.

The only thing is I really want to use the other two shades but I am scared that they wont go with my skin tone, like will the light pink one just make it look like i have blush all up the side of my face? and is it too shimmery for a blush? (I’m going to try it at some point this week!) << editing update! This is a lovely shimmery blush that gives just a subtle hint of colour!! So no it doesn’t look like I have blush all up my face! Enough from editing me back to it…. And the browner toned one I think would suit somebody with a tan, it would probably look like I have bronzer all over (and this is not pigmented enough and farrrr too shimmery to use as actual bronzer).

swatches of the No7 Illuminating palette

Believe it or not I have swatched the highlighters on my arm here, if you look really close you can see the shimmer from them. I just couldn’t find a good enough lighting to capture how lovely and subtle these actually are 🙁


Lip Gloss Pencil

In the gift set you also get a mini lip gloss pencil or what No7 call their ‘High Shine’ pencil…


No7 Lip Gloss Pencil

It’s in a nice sturdy and simple packaging. The colour of the gloss is in a patch at the bottom of the pencil and the lid, which makes it great for when your in a rush and needing to grab a lip colour! The tint in this lip loss is SUPER pigmented!!


Swatch of the No7 Lip Gloss Pencil

It goes onto the lips smoothly, a little bit of dragging if your lips are super dry but it’s barely anything to complain about really. The gloss, even though it looks super shiny on the photo above, it actually just gives a slightly more than natural sheen to your lips. It wears off gradually and not too fast (maybe a top up after dinner but that’s probably it).


The final thing you get in the gift set is these 3 lovely brushes!

No7 brushes

They have light weight, hollow greeny – blue metal handles. The actual brush part is SUPER soft and they aren’t too densely compacted. I currently use the large powder brush to (surprisingly) apply my powder/ set my foundation. The angled brush is great for bronzing your face! I still use the Dior powder as my bronzer and this brush fits perfectly in the hollows of my cheeks and a nicely around the top of my face. And sadly I don’t use the foundation brush because I like to apply my foundation with a flat circular brush (I just find it goes on more evenly and gives it a more natural look).

Overall I would say this is an amazing gift, not only for a friend but for yourself! And if you lucky you might still be able to get your hand on one in the Boots sale.


Kathleen xox

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