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Hi guys!!!

Hope yous have had a great week! Today I have a Christmas make-up gift set for you, and it is on offer at the minute in Boots, so if you know someone who likes Soap & Glory or if you like Soap & Glory yourself down there now!!


It’s the Soap & Glory Extrava- Glam- Za box! This is a super cute make-up gift set which should be £50 but is half price to £25!! It is a box which is your typical cute, Soap & Glory design, which had a lid on the top and a draw.

So when you lift the lid you…..


have a cute popup 3D beauty room scene with the Soap & Glory woman putting on her make-up. then you have 4 beauty products; 2 x Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss’, 1 x Glow All Out Highlight and a brush.


So with the 2 Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss’ you get the shades ‘Candy Queen’ and ‘Plumsup’


As you can tell, the shades are subtle and will add a nice tint to your lips. These lipgloss’ if you don’t already know have plumping agents to them where they make your lips tingle and grow slightly in size.

Then you have the Glow All Out Highlight..


Which is a lovely gold-y, peach-y toned subtle highlight. Even though it is subtly with its shine, it is build-able so you can easily go from day to night with it.


And the brush you get in the top section of this box is a nice medium size and even though it feels like its going to be dense with the amount of bristles it has, it is super soft and even though it was probably their aim, it is really good for applying the highlight!

Then you have the second part of the box.. the draw!!


In this section of the box you get; 1 x eyeshadow palette (Lid Stuff), 1 x eyeshadow brush, 1 x eyeliner (Supercat), 1 x Brow pencil (Archery) and 1 x Mascara (Thick & Fast).

In ‘The Lid Stuff’ palette, you get 6 neutral shades.



From top to bottom you have the shades;

  • Plumble
  • Iced Coffee
  • Mauve On Up
  • Twinkle Belles
  • How Nude!
  • Fair Dues

These eye shadows are like the Highlight… build-able. They are not too chalky and I have had no drop out (that annoying thing where the eyeshadow falls onto your cheek when you are applying it). And they lasted a 9 hour shift at work.

The eyeshadow brush you get in the draw is just you flat basic eyeshadow brush. Its nice and compact but the bristles are super soft and pick up the eyeshadow nicely.

The ‘Supercat’ eye liner comes in black and is a pen eyeliner…


Now when I swatched this on the back of my hand I was a little disappointed as it seemed to bleed a little bit…


But when I put it on my eyelid I was surprised, the colour didn’t need topping up, it went on black in one motion, there was a good amount of control over where the product went and it didn’t bleed at all!! Plus like the eyeshadow it also survived a 9 hour shift and didn’t print onto the top of my eyelid.

The ‘Fast & Thick’ mascara also comes in the shade black like the ‘Supercat’ eyeliner but this one comes in a super sexy god packaging…


Simple but that is the type of packaging I love! and the brush is just your typical non fancy mascara wand. But it coats your eyelashes evenly and catch pretty much ever eyelash.

The ‘Archery’ Pencil is double ended…


On one side you have the pencil/crayon and on the other its a pen like tip so you can really get some detail in on your brows. The only problem I have is that you can’t chose the shade you get in the box and mine is too dark for me, but one of my friends will benefit from that little problem.

And that is it guys! That is everything in and about the Soap & Glory Extrava- Glam- Za box!


And for £25 it is well worth the money!!! I would love it if I got given this for Christmas, its fun and has pretty much everything you need for your everyday makeup (obviously everything but foundation, powder and blush). So go and grab your bargain while you can!


Kathleen xox

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