Save Them A Seat Christmas Decoration

Hi guys!!

So tonight for the first time in a couple of weeks, we are going to have a D.I.Y. post. And as you will probably be able to guess, its a Christmas-y project!


So I have seen this little piece on both Facebook and on Pinterest and thought “yeh, I could probably make that” and set to it. Turns out I’m pretty pleased with the end result, so thought I would share with you all just how easy it actually is to make.

You will need;


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wooden Clothes Pegs (about 12 taken apart)
  • Black Canvas
  • Card/ Thin canvas board
  • Paint
  • Sharpie
  • Decorations

What to do;

The first item we are going to make is the little wooden rocking chair, and to do this you will need the; Pegs, Hot Glue Gun and Paint.



Take 4 pegs and place each half back to back. Glue together and set to one side.



Take another 2 pegs and place like the photo above. Glue and set aside (again).



Now take the pieces you made in step 1 and join 2 of them together using half of another peg (see above photo).



Stand the pieces upright and join together using another half of a peg on each side (this should now make a rectangle)



Taking another 3 pieces of peg(s) lay them over the rectangle (this creates the seat part of the chair). Once your happy with the positioning of the slats, glue down. Then place half a peg on the top of each side to create the “arms”  of the chair.



Now it’s time to attach the parts you made in step 2 to the base of your chair. This can be awkward to get right but once you have found a solid placing, glue the pieces together.



For the final part of your chair, take the last 4/5 peg pieces and make the back of your chair. Once your happy with how it looks, glue together and glue to the back of your chair.


 8) Now your chair is fully assembled it is time to paint!!


I went for a nice, festive red for mine, but you can paint yours whatever colour you like.

While you chair is drying, it’s time to work on the sign. On your block canvas write the saying:

“Christmas in Heaven,

What do they do?

They come down to earth

to spend it with you,

so save them a seat

Just one empty chair,

You may not see them

but they will be there.”

 I would initially write this in pencil (so if you make any mistakes or want to tweek it then you can easily adjust it). Then go over the top of it with a Sharpie pen.

Oooops, I messed up on one of them

Once your canvas is done and the chair is dry, it is now time to put it all together on your piece of cardboard/ thin canvas board.


I couldn’t for the life of me find a thin canvas board, so I bought a file/ folder out of Tesco and cut it up to get my card. I wrapped the sides of the canvas in a red glitter ribbon from Hobby Craft and made a little bow out of some more ribbon and then glued it to the top of the canvas. I also had some wooden snowflakes and holly which I randomly skattered around the full thing.

You obviously can decorate your project however you like, just make sure you glue or nail everything in place when you are done.

Hope you have enjoyed this little project!


Kathleen xox
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