Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip

two Rimmel stay matte lipsticks on a checkered background with a white ceramic headgehog

Hey guys

Have you seen the latest Rimmel advert with Rita Ora in it? If not don’t stress, I am JUST about to talk about the product she is advertising… It’s the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour…

two tubes of Rimmel Stay Matte Lip colour on a fluffy pink rug

As soon as I saw the advert I was straight into my local Boots to grab one (or two) of these liquid lipsticks! Mainly because I love Rita Ora, she is just the ultimate girl boss! She’s edgy and just down right cool. But also because it is Rimmel and even though I can’t use their face products I am addicted to their nail varnishes and ‘Kate’ lipsticks. They are just such good quality and value for money! It has got to be one of the better drugstore brands you can get, surely?

two Rimmel stay matte lip colours in a small brown plant pot next to a while ceramic hedgehog with a gold nose

The first shade I picked up was 810 PLUM THIS SHOW because… well.. just look at that colour!!!

swatch of a purple shade of the Rimmel Stay Matte Lip

It is pretty much my perfect shade for this time of the year (although pretty much any deep purple or red are my perfect shades right now). But then I completely contradicted myself and bought 700 BE MY BABY which is a cute nude-y brown shade…

a swatch of both the light brown and dark purple shade of the Rimmel Stay Matte lip colours

It’s a really nice shade to fling on when you want a little something but nothing too much. And the bonus with these lipsticks are their staying power! Once these suckers are on, then they are on! You don’t have to worry about them one little bit. Earlier on this week I put the purple shade on and took some soup to work, I was only as I had my first spoonful I realised my rookie mistake, but carried on anyway thinking I’ll deal with whatever mess I’m left with at the end… There was no mess! You couldn’t even tell I had had anything to eat. The lines were perfect and there was only a little bit of fading on the very inside of my lips (where they meet) and even then it wasn’t something a little swipe of extra lipstick couldn’t fix.

These don’t brag about having the staying power but they really should! these can literally last an entire 9-5 shift plus the extra hour at the beginning when your actually getting ready and getting to work. They turn matte super fast (but not too fast where it’s not workable), plus they don’t dry your lips out too much, don’t get me wrong you can tell you have it on but it’s not uncomfortable and doesn’t crack your lips at all. To be perfectly honest you forget you even have it on after about 10 minutes. They are well worth the £5.99 price tag (buttt Rimmel is 3 for 2 in boots at the minute!). And I have only told you about these two shades, the colour range is insane!!! There are 12 shades ranging from super pale pinks and browns all the way to dark blue and black!!(Both of which I have reallllllyyyyyy wanted to buy  but held off not knowing if I have the balls to wear them shades but now that the 3 for 2 is on I might have to go and get them). I’ll leave a link here so you can check all of the shades out.


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