Revolution Retro Luxe liquid lipsticks

Hiya guys!

So we are back on the make-up wagon today! It’s a new brand to me, but its something we are used to on here… Liquid lipstick! (I’m really starting to think I have a lipstick problem, but oh well there are worse things you could be addicted to).

Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kits…. I just couldn’t help but buy on of the matte AND metallic lip kits! So lets have a look at the matte one first…

All the colours in this range come in this matte black box, but the colour of the lipstick you get is meant to be shade that is on the lips on the front of the box and a tiny circle on the lid. But the only problem is that the colours aren’t a match at all!! But luckily they are that nice on that you forget about it. But just to be safe check the tube before you buy it!

I picked up the shade ‘Reign’ which on the box looks like a lovely mauve-y brown shade when in real life its more of a pink shade with a hint of brown to it. In the kit you get a lip-liner and liquid lipstick.

The lip-liner is lovely and creamy and super pigmented, you literally just glide it over your lips once and your done! There is no need to go over or anything! You could actually get away with only using this on your lips if you weren’t suffering with dry lips.

The lipstick itself is more pink toned than the liner but it kinda gives your lips a contoured, more fuller look when you apply it on top of the liner. It applies nice and evenly and dries nice and fast to a fully matte colour. And the lid is matte!! ho doesn’t love matte packaging!?!

The matte lip kits are well worth the £6.00 price tag!

But now onto a not such a positive review 🙁

The Retro Luxe Metallic Lip Kit…. Wow I had such high hopes for this after wearing the matte one and even though I have come close in the past, I am yet to find the perfect metallic purple liquid lipstick… so hoped this was going to be it. Nope it’s far from it!

The liner is once again very smooth and glides over your lips. But unlike the pink-y brown liner it is not very pigmented at all! You have to go over it a couple of times before you get a nice deep purple colour that you need.

And the liquid lipstick is is like the liner in the sense that you have to go over it so you get half decent colour. The last bad thing I have to say about the metallic liquid lipstick is that it doesn’t stay put/ have staying power, you can only get and hour maybe  2 before you have to reapply and sometimes when you do that it goes horrible and bitty.

And honestly it’s such a shame! the packaging is just lovely and like I have said if you have tried the matte one you hold it to a standard that this just doesn’t live up to.

So there it is, one brand, 2 products, 2 completely different reviews.If you couldn’t guess by what you have just read I would sadly only recommend the matte one, there is a fair range of colours and you do get value for money.



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