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Happy Sunday, are you ready to kick this weeks butt? Well what better way to look fierce and like a woman on a mission with a good bit of red lipstick? It is one of them styles where no matter what age, skin tone or hair colour you have, you can rock a good red lip, and it never goes out of fashion. And I for one LOVE red lipstick and am not ashamed to say that I own more than one!


So most of my collection is from MaxFactor but the rest is from the Kate Moss range with Rimmel London and there is one missing from this picture from L’Oreal which you can find a review on here.  When I started with lipsticks, I’m pretty sure that a red one was my first, I dunno there is just something about the colour and even though I have a ginger tint to my hair, I don’t think I look that bad wearing it and get loads of compliments. Before I really got into make-up I thought that once you have one red lipstick you have them all, I mean its red, how many different shades can you have? … Turns out A LOT and its amazing how you don’t feel one red lipstick but go for another shade and it just finishes your look that day.

Lets start with Max Factor…


I have 4 different shades out of the Max Factor range (obviously Kathleen) and I have only bought 2 of these, the other 2 I got in them gift packs that they do every now and then (you know where you spend either £15 or £25 and get a box with product in worth some price, I dunno its not been on for a while). But I love each and every shade!


So from left to right we have; 715 – Ruby Tuesday, 720- Scarlet Ghost, 840 – Cherry Kiss and 3 – Marilyn Berry.

Ruby Tuesday is a true red I love wearing this on December, there is just the right amount of colour tones to make it that red you see singers or actresses wear in Christmas movies or song videos.

Scarlet Ghost is the darkest of this collection and has a lovely purple under tone, but not too much that it takes away from the redness. This one to me is an interview lipstick to me, I don’t know why but it has a mature ‘I mean business’ feel when its on your lips.

Cherry Kiss is very similar to Ruby Tuesday but is just a shade or two lighter when applied. It’s one I reach for when I fancy a red but not a ‘boom! in your face’ red.

Marilyn Berry, now how could I have lived with myself if I’d of missed out on a Marilyn Monroe inspired lipstick? If you don’t know about this range, then Max Factor made 3/4 different red lipstick that was meant to be the perfect shade of red for you skin tone. With me being ginger and pale then I was number 3 “Marilyn Berry” which I think was the lightest of the shades. But even though the colour is lovely and it really does suit my skin tone, I love my brighter, darker reds.

But the two main reds that every girl will have either heard of or own is from the Kate Moss range with Rimmel London…


So these don’t come with names, just numbers and I have 01 and 107.

Now even though I said Max Factors 840 – Cherry Kiss is a ‘in your face’ red lipstick, its nothing compared to 01 from Kate. This lipstick announces that your in the room before you have even entered it. It’s one of those ‘I feel brave’ lipsticks or I even wear this when I’m in a self conscious mood for absolutely no reason, just because there is no need for the mood and red lipstick always makes me feel brave (I have no idea why tho).

And I really don’t think there is much that I can say about 107 that almost every blogger or vlogger hasn’t already said. I bought this just because it was a matte red lipstick, then I discovered the hype on it. And wow! I don’t know what it is about it, its just got all the right tones in all the right places. Its nice to have a matte red just to separate all of your red lipsticks up. It’s not too drying and it lasts pretty much all day!


Now my all time MUST with bold lipsticks is that you have got to line your lips first! I just helps sharpen the edges and prevent any bleeding. My two favourite red Lip Liners are…


Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner in 10 Red Rush and Barry M Lip Liner in shade 3.

The Max Factor liner is soft when you apply it, it kinda feels like it is moisturising you lips when you put it on, its that creamy. But it stays put! you would think it would smudge with how creamy it is but it doesn’t. I love the feeling of this in winter, when your lips are threatening to go all dry and horrible.

Whereas the Barry M Lip Liner is denser, still glides on but doesn’t have that moisturising feeling to it. This is more of a summer lip liner.


So this is them all swatched! the liners at the side you have Max Factor at the bottom and Barry M at the top. Then for the lipsticks working top to bottom you have;

  • Kate 107
  • Kate 01
  • 3 Marilyn Berry
  • 840 Cherry Kiss
  • 720 Scarlet Ghost
  • 715 Ruby Tuesday

But this year for the festive season we have the L’Oreal Gold Obsession lipstick that we can use to top of the cute Christmas-y lip.


And I can see this being used A LOT towards the end of this month and pretty much all of next month.

If you like any of these shades then go out and invest in them guys, they are so worth the money! Even though they are not really that expensive. What is your favourite red lipstick?

Until next time guys!


Kathleen xox
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