Red Lippy Day for Dementia UK – May 5th 2017

Hey guys!!

We have a little extra post this week!! I briefly mentioned in my last post (you can find it here), about wearing red lipstick on May 5th so I thought I would go into a little more detail about why we should all be doing this.

So “Red Lippy Day For Dementia UK – May 5th” started in 2015 by Jules Osmany who’s sadly had to watch her mother suffer with Dementia (here is a touching article all about it). But instead of simply coping and donating to Dementia UK, like more and more of us do, she decided to take one of the most iconic item from every girls life and even more so, her mothers life and turned it into a super cute and subtle way to raise awareness and money for the charity. But as she admitted in the article I linked above, she did not expect it to have any where near the positive feedback that the event has had. With hopes of raising £250 to begin with she was left speechless when the grand total was just over £13,000!!!! Which all the money goes directly to Dementia UK, it is stressed on the Facebook page that it is completely a non profitable organisation!!

Even though us women should NEVER need an excuse to wear lipstick (especially red) we now, for one day especially, have a reason to be bold and show off our feminocity! There is a shade of red that suits any skin tone!

So awe ladies, all that Jules asks of you is to wear that bold lippy, take a selfie, post it on whatever social media you use with “#redlippyday” and if you can donate £5 by texting ‘REDL 55’ to 70070

I mean just look at everybody that took part last year?!?! and that is just a couple of them by the looks of it!!! Even celebs have heard about the event and joined in….

John Barrowman!!!!

You don’t even have to donate, just wear your lippy and spread the word!

Looking forward to seeing all of the hashtags tomorrow


Kathleen xox

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