Painted Pumpkins

Happy Sunday guys!

So today I though I would bring once again another super easy D.I.Y. project for yous. Walking around a Tesco store near me I noticed that they had pumpkins and as you can probably guess I got giddy. But this year there seems to be loads of posts on social media that people are now loving painted pumpkins, rather than carving them. Now depending on what way you paint your pumpkin, depends on whether you class this as a Autumnal D.I.Y. project or a Halloween D.I.Y. project (durr Kathleen), but either way this is fun and if you have kids then you could get your kids involved with this and it really does not cost a lot at all.

All you will need is;

  • Pumpkins
  • Paint

That is it. That is all you need, well unless you want to stick things on your pumpkin e.g. fake flowers, studs etc.

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Like I have said this is super easy, these were my pumpkins at the beginning of the day.

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I then painted them white (before I knew what designs I was going to do with them, lets face it, white is always a good base colour). Then obviously let them dry before you do anything else to them.

I then figured that doing one Autumnal and one Halloween-y would be nice, so since I am obsessed with the whole melted crayon effects lately, I thought that it would be my Autumn one done! Then for my Halloween one, I just pictured “Jack Skellington” from the Nightmare Before Christmas.


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All I done for this one was, picked a couple of different Autumn-y coloured crayons and snapped them as they where too big for my ickle pumpkin. I then put the first one on the top and held it in place with my finger while I attacked it with my hairdryer. When the first one has started to melt, I then put the next piece of crayon on (the melted wax helps the crayon stick to the pumpkin so that your finger doesn’t melt off the heat from the hairdryer). And you just keep doing this until your happy.

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I just love the way this turned out. The effect is great, all of the colours mixing together and just doing their own thing. Its just perfect for this time of year.

Now for the “Jack Skellington” I decided to add a little extra something to it by painting over the white with some glow in the dark paint (£1.29 in Tesco). Then once that had dried I painted Jacks face with black paint.

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But I thought that the back was abit plain so i painted the typical Nightmare before Christmas scene on the back.

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Now these aren’t the best paintings or evenly painted but I still love they way they have turned out! and I can’t wait to see what it is like at night when it is glowing away.

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If you put webbing around them and fairy lights it just makes them look spooky, perfect if you are having a party and are wanting cheap decorations. The two pumpkins I done today cost me a whopping £3.29, that is £1 each for the pumpkins and £1.29 for the glow in the dark paint, the rest I already had at home.

If any of yous make some of these I would love to see them!


Kathleen xox

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