October 2019 Glossybox

Octobers Glossybox opened with it's products on show
Red glossy box with a savvy devil eye

Are you an angel or a devil? Well this month Glossybox decides what one you are! When I watched an early unboxing I prayed that they would decide I was part devil and send me the red box…THEY DID!

Why did I want the red box? Well in the unboxing they showed the products in both boxes, the angel box was full of pink tones and the devil box was full of red tones. With how pale I am (and the fact I’m REALLY not girly girl), pink tones are a no-go but red on the other hand, I love!

Not only did I fall head over heels in love with the design of the box, but for some reason I was not expecting to be greeted with the red and black ombre paper. Hell yeh, talk about completing the mood of the box.

The opened Glossybox with red and black ombre paper

Now that we have talked about the outside lets actually talk about the main thing, the products inside the box.

Velvet Touch Palette

Eyeshadow palette full of oranges, reds and browns

First off we have a 6 pan eyeshadow palette. It’s by a brand called Stylondon, which I have never heard of before, but apparently this palette retails at £15. You would expect for the retail price that it would be good, I mean if we can get Revolution eyeshadow palettes for £10 which are amazing, you would expect these to be with it having fewer shades. But is it?

Swatches on an arm showing pigmentation and colour of the eyeshadow palette

Yes, yes, yes! When swatching these shades I barely had to touch the eye-shadows and got loads of pigment! The only problem I found was the fallout left in the pan. The shadows are creamy but chalky at the same time.

I couldn’t wait to try these out on my eyes and the next day for work it was one of the first things reached for. I found them (again) nice and pigmented, blended easily and last all day. Like I’ve already said above, they do leave fallout inthe pan but when you actually use them you don’t get fallout on your face which is always a bonus.

Would I consider buying this again/ try something else from this brand? I can’t say I would at the minute but you never know maybe if there is an offer on somewhere.

Maximatte Lipstick Crayon

Devil red maximatte lipstick crayon

To go with you autumnal eyes you also get a red lipstick crayon (whatever that is) by the brand Lord & Berry, Now this brand I have heard of before, never owned anything of theirs but I’ve heard of them. This “lipstick crayon” retails at £15 (that a little steep for a liner isn’t is?

In the angel box you get a pink one but this one is obviously a lovely red shade. I’m guessing by “lipstick crayon” it can be used by itself as a lipstick but it can also be used as a liner.

According to the information booklet you get with each box, the crayon is made with vitamin E meaning that it isn’t meant to dry out your lips. This I can vouch for, when I used this, I used it as a lipstick with a tiny bit of gloss in the centre, it lasted all day without smudging or fading that much and my lips never felt dry. There is a first time for everything I guess.

I would definitely consider buying this separate to the box and in other colours.

Devil’s Dust Foaming Bath Powder

Bubble T cosmetics Devil's Dust Foaming Bath Powder

This is an actual glossybox collaboration, they have teamed up with a brand called Bubble T cosmetics to bring a ouch of foaming bath powder specific to the box you get (your not stupid but I mean, angel boxes get angel pouches and devils get the devil pouch above).

I’ve never heard of Bubble T but I saw a post on Instagram where a girl had used it and she had loads of bubbles and her water was pink! I went straight home and ran a red hot bath, but this is what I got….

demonstrating the foaming bath powder

That’s most of the bubble up at the top of the bath and I only notice the pink tinge to them because I’m actually looking for them! But don’t get me wrong, it was a lovely smelling bath and the bubbles slowly went down, it wasn’t one of those situations where they are gone 10 minutes after your bath is ran.

This has a retail price of £4.99 which isn’t too bad, but to be perfectly honest I would rather buy a bottle of Radox or a box of Radox muscle salts.

Eye Define Crayon Liner

McoBeauty Eye Define Crayon Liner on a black pumpkin plate

Have you ever heard of the brand McoBeauty? I haven’t at all. This pencil eyeliner retails for £15 so it is up there with the Urban Decay prices, which I have only ever bought for my mam but she loves them! But is it actually up there with Urban Decay for the quality?

I know this isn’t meant to be a comparison but why now? I have already started so I might as well carry on.

The first thing I noticed is the casing, in one way it is better than Urban Decay as it comes in a plastic tube whereas the Urban Decay one is simply a pencil. But on that note you can sharpen the Urban Decay one to give it a point if you wanted to do a liner on your lid. But this is a twisty top meaning you can’t sharpen it, so once it’s bunt it is blunt! So no lid liner for you!

swatch of the McoBeauty Eye Define Crayon Liner on the back of a hand

The pigment isn’t the best that I have ever used and it certainly isn’t the worste either.It is quite dry though and it needs going over a couple of times to get it fully black. But I have watery eyes so maybe a dry eyeliner is a good thing? Well sort of yeh, I managed to wear this for a couple of hours without if really moving. The really big bonus for me is that it did not smudge to give the whole “panda eye” effect.

Would I buy this? I honestly don’t think I have had enough time using it to give an answer to that. I think the next time that I buy n eyeliner for £15 it’s going to be an Urban Decay one (if I’m not allergic to it).

Plumping Gold Peel off Mask

Que Bella Beauty Plumping Gold Peel off Mask in front of the red glossybox

Now I liked getting this! I have wanted a face mask for ages but never actually bought one for myself. This is by a brand called Que Bella Beauty, which I haven’t heard of before (wow, that’s all I’ve said in this post, maybe I should do some brand research).

When I had my bath using the foaming bath powder, I used the mask and the coffee scrub from the last box. Talk about a pamper night!

The mask itself was easy to put on and didn’t pull on any of my little baby hairs. It’s a bit of a pain to pull off because you can’t really see when the mask ends with it being invisible but it leaves you face feeling baby skin soft. I didn’t see the plumping aspect of this mask but I did like the way it left my skin.

Would I buy this since trying it? Nope, I can’t say I will, nothing beats the L’Oreal detox masks. But I do wish the L’Oreal ones had the £2.49 retial price like this one does.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Hot Chocolate

Whittard of Chelsea Sticky Toffee Pudding White Hot Chocolate in skull packaging

I’VE HEARD OF THIS BRAND!!!! I’ve actually heard of one of the brands in this box, it’s non of the full sized products but it is the extra treat. I love a good treat from Whittard, from what I have tried I have liked everything. They are pricey, this sample size is £2 and the full size is £9 which isn’t that bad when you think about it. I would probably buy that just for the packaging (you know I’m a wierdo when it comes to skulls with flowers).

I couldn’t drink it myself (being lactose intolerant) but my mam had it for me and she has asked for some as part of her Christmas box because it was that nice. So as far as I am concerned this gets a thumbs up from me. Plus don’t forget the generous 20% off voucher that you also get in the box!

I would definitely be buying this (and I will be buying more) I am waiting for the Christmas markets so I can actually go in their shop since there isn’t one in Middlesbrough.

The verdict?

This was the first box that I paid full price for, rounded up it’s around £14. Even without adding the prices of everything up, I am super happy with the products inside. But if you’re curious all 5 full sized products and the extra treat, everything comes to £54.48 meaning you save £40.48. Hell yes! With that saving the saying on the side of the box is true…

Clever as the devil and twice as pretty

What did you think of this months box?

I’m super excited to see what treats we get closer to Christmas!


Kathleen xox

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