October 2020 Glossybox

We all remember the knock out box we received in October 2019 when Glossybox spoke to either our angelic side or (in my case) our devil side. But what would this years October box be? Well you’ll already know from the thumbnail but its mystic themed and we could get either an Enchanted Spirit box or a Midnight Fantasy box. From what was released on Instagram, everything inside the 2 stunning boxes were the same but the main focus were the actual boxes themselves.

I got the BEAUTIFUL Enchanted Spirits box! Now lets have a look at the products inside and see if this months box is worth the £14 I paid for it (Not like any of them haven’t been worth £14).

Illamasque – Hydra Veil Primer

Well this is a bloody good start isn’t it! A deluxe mini Illamasque primer. What a luxury brand this is and I have never ever owned even a mini product from this brand. I haven’t tried it yet (I want to keep it for a special occasion) but if you wanted to buy a deluxe mini sample of it, it would cost £10 and the full sized tub would set you back £34!! I want to like it when I try it but am I buggery paying £34 for a primer.

Bubble T Cosmetics LTD – Fairy Dust Foaming Bath Powder

This beauty was missed off the group photo because I couldn’t wait to use it. We have had Bubble T cosmetics before and I remember they were nice and relaxing so I was straight up in the bath when I got home from work. And I can tell you now, it did not disappoint, it foamed a little bit (all the bubbles are thanks to bubble bath), but it turned the water pink and the lavender smell was so strong it relaxed me so much that I didn’t struggle to fall asleep.

This bag retails at £5.99 and would be worth every penny.

Luna By Luna – Pixie Lipstick

I LOVE getting lipsticks and lip liners in these boxes. How simple and elegant is this navy box with a white/gold moon and stars?!

It’s a lovely red/orange colour and has a slightly sweet scent to it. I haven’t actually tried the lipstick for 2 reasons; 1) In the society we currently live in having this kind of lipstick under a face mask is just asking for punishment, a liquid lipstick is the way to go at the minute. And 2) I’m on some high strength tablets at the minute and I am applying lip balm pretty much every 10 minutes thanks to them drying out my skin.

I’m not going to lie however, I was disappointed in the actual lipstick tube, it felt a little cheap and reminded me of the lipsticks you get as a kid. If you want to try this lipstick out for yourself it ill set you back £15.

Eyesential – Under Eye Enhancer

Oh yeah, an eye cream!! I was excited about this because I bloody love the Glossybox cream we got a moth or 2 ago. But…. I was screwed over because there was literally nothing in the tube! Nothing!

I squeezed it like it was the last little bit of toothpaste in the tube and I didn’t get a slithering of anything. Luckily it was a deluxe mini worth £8 and a full sized tube would be £24.90. But I’m all for the Glossy eye cream at £16 for subscribers or £20 for non-subscribers over any other eye cream any day of the week.

The Beauty Crop – Stargazing Blush Duo

Now this made me very excited when it was revealed on Instagram. I have just started to get back into blush and the one I was using was olddddd and just not giving me the right vibes.

And how pretty! I have been mixing the two colours and even on my pale skin it doesn’t make me look like a clown (…. I don’t think anyway). My only issue is that the packaging feels cheap but they have definitely concentrated more on the product itself which is honestly fine by me because that is worth the month alone. The packaging is just a bonus if it was better quality. If you want to buy this blush it retails at £18

Is it worth it?

Even after being ripped off with the eye cream and the cheap feeling packaging of 2 of the products I would still say that this box is totally worth the £14. So if you add together the prices of everything the box is worth £56.99 which makes this months savings of £42.99


Kathleen xox

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