My Holy Grail Item – Micellar Water!

Happy Friday guys!

You know that illusive question everybody gets asked at least once in their life, “if you where on a desert island what items would you take with you?” Well I can safely tell you what one of my items would be… Micellar ¬†Water! Now I know I’m late jumping on the Micellar Water band wagon but OH MY GOD, I wish I found this earlier!!


When I first tried it, it was just because I was given a bottle for free and needed to change up my skin care routine and I honestly haven’t look back since. At first I was sceptical and thought “what can this water do different to the normal water I wash my face with anyway?” But as soon as I looked at the cotton pad I knew this stuff really worked. I don’t know how it works exactly but after you wash your face ( I use any of the Simple products) you pour some Micellar Water onto a cotton pad or cotton ball and rub it all over you face. I think I might put too much on my cotton pad because after I rub the pad over my face, I can still feel the water on my face. But it’s not an uncomfortable feeling, its kinda nice feeling it dry. Once your face is dry or after you rub it with the cotton pad, either leave it or add a moisturiser. It is completely up to you (mine depends on my mood at the time), it doesn’t leave your skin feeling uncomfortably tight.

And I know most people know about this nowadays but I honestly con not recommend this stuff enough. My niece is getting to that age where spots are starting to make an appearance, so I took my sister to the shop and told her to get a bottle and to use it day and night. Not even a week later and she could already see the change in her skin. Once you incorporate this into your life you will miss it when you don’t have it, and I don’t mean when it runs out, because I never let that happen! But for example if you go on a little holiday and don’t take it with you. I done this a couple of months ago, me and my boyfriend went on a little holiday and done it all on hand luggage, but I didn’t have enough liquid allowance to take a bottle. After a couple of days I could feel it and it was one of the first things I done when I got home! and wow did it feel good!

If you have sensitive skin like me, I don’t know if different Micellar Waters will effect you, but I just don’t want to take that risk and have found that its safe to use Nivea and Garnier.

So this is defonately one of the things I would take with me if I was stuck on a deserted island. Not very practical but hey ho, I can’t live without it. I know loads of you will have already heard of this and most likely used it, but if you haven’t I hope this helps you decide whether to try it or not.

Have a great weekend,


Kathleen xox

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