My Hangover Routine

Hey guys,

So I know this is random but what do you do for your skin when you are a little sensitive/ holding on to your life after a night of drinking and dancing? Anything? Do you think about it at all or is it just a bonus when you have woke up realising you have actually managed to take your makeup off? We have all been there! and it’s only been this past couple of months that I have realised just how much better you feel in yourself when you re-hydrate your skin. I mean it actually makes you feel a little more human!

My Routine…

I know this looks like a lot but wow does it make me feel better!!

Yeh, yeh, yeh I get this bit isn’t technically for your skin but it is ESSENTIAL!! Before you brush your hair or even think about skin care, grab the biggest bobble you have and get your hair up and out of you face and off your neck!

To stop feeling irritated you should use a large scrunchy bobble and tie your hair up

Now you can do this next bit whenever you feel up to it, but have some breakfast! When I know I’m going out I like to get something for the next day that I wouldn’t have during the week, like a little treat. This day I decided to have a cup of coffee (essential EVERY morning!!) and 3… yes 3 crumpets with loads of butter on!! I didn’t feel guilty about it at all… not one little bit!

Have a good breakfast when you can stomach it.... This day I had a cup of coffee and 3 crumpets

Now onto the skin care…

My bedside table with all of my skin care products (and a cosy candle)


Step 1) Re-clean your face!

I know this sounds like a task when you can barely lift your head off your pillow, or the room spins when you sit up, but just put a pack of face wipes next to your bed and use one of them. This just gets any make-up you might have missed the night before, or if it was a really good night (hopefully it was!) then your  simply taking off your make-up. Which then stops your pores clogging up and giving spots a chance of forming.

Step 2) Micellar water!

Got to love a bottle of Micellar Water, use some on a cotton pad and sweep it over your face

I know I have talked about my love for micellar water in a previous post, but honestly once you have gone over your face with a face wipe, get yourself some of this stuff on a cotton pad and go over your face with it. It not only leaves your face feeling genuinely clean, but it also grabs all that pesky pieces of make-up you haven’t managed to get off (and believe me there will be some on there).


Step 3) Vitamin toner!

Vitamin water helps you gain those extra vitamins you lost the night before

I use the Garnier Simply Essentials, Soothing Vitamin-Enriched Toner. Like you can probably guess it just adds those vitamins to your face, making it feel less tight and dry. And lets face it when you are hungover you need all the vitamins and hydration you can get!


Step 4) Cream!

L'Oreal Hydra Genius Gel is literally the best way to moisturise your skin!

I know this is not your normal cream but I am COMPLETELY obsessed with this stuff!! Its so re-freshening to your skin, it’s super fast absorbing and it doesn’t leave your skin leaving oily! I done a post about it not long ago, you can read it here.

Step 5) Lip balm!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

I know this isn’t essential, but to be honest I’m just obsessed with this lip balm! It leaves your lips so soft and there is little shavings of coconut in it so if you use it regularly your lips don’t have chance to go dry and chapped.


Step 6) Eye drops!

Optrex Dry Eye Drops

This 100% isn’t essential either and to be fair I should actually be using these n a daily basis (but ain’t nobody got time for that!) but when I’m hungover my eyes are either dead dry and sting or they are itchy, but ones a drop or two of these are pit in that feeling soon goes! It’s amazing how much better you feel when you use some eye drops!


Step 7) Hand cream!

Zoella Hungry Hands - Hand Cream

So you have took care of your face and eyes, but what about your hands? They are just as dehydrated as the rest of your body and you should really take care of your hands, once they go wrinkly they instantly add more years to you! So grab any kind of hand or body cream and get moisturising! You don’t want to be in your twenties with old lady hands!

P.S. How lush is this Zoella Hungry Hands cream?!? I’m gutted this isn’t being released again at Christmas, really wish I stocked up on it!

Step 8) Bath!!

Radox Bubble Bath

Are you feeling more human yet? well the final step is to make yourself a nice bubble bath!!!! Get yourself a nice bath bomb or nice smelly bubble bath and soak your poor feet and legs after all that dancing last night. Just lay back and relax!

Pixi Double Cleanse, L'Oreal Elvive Clay Mask and Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub

Maybe even grab yourself a cheeky face mask or a scrub or something just to give yourself that little bit more of a pamper.

And that’s it, that is my morning hangover routine. And believe me I will be using this today! The only thing I feel like I have left out here is just to make sure at some point in the morning (when your belly is up to it) take a multi-vit, a dis-solvable Vitamin C tablet and drink a shed load of water (you need to get your body re-hydrated). It might be a struggle to do but it is the best thing you can do for your body!

Hope you survive!

Kathleen xox
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