My 2018

Hey guys,

Can you believe that 2018 is over? It feels like one of the fastest years ever! I love how content I have felt this year, it has probably been the happiest and relaxed I have felt in a very long time. This year has been filled with…


Family day trip up the hills

So this wasn’t intentional but family has always been important to me. This year I seem to have got closer to members of my family, like going to more gatherings with them, going on holiday and generally spending more time together. Me and one of my brothers and his family even went on holiday together (Travel Diaries: Tenerife).

family photo with animals in Tenerife

Me and my other brother had a day trip to Richmond Waterfalls (Travel Diary: A day at the Waterfalls). I know this could be a normal trip for some people but this was my first time there and wow, what a beautiful place! Bring on Summer to go to more places like this.

Exploring the river swale at richmond waterfalls

Next year me and my sister have 2 music gigs booked and I think me and my brothers are going on holiday too. I would love to take a day trip shopping with my mam too, somewhere we haven’t been to before.


I bloody love my group of friends! Granted we mainly get together to go out and get drunk but I know that if I EVER needed any of them for anything else they would 100% be there. I went on a weekend cruise to Amsterdam with one of them (Travel Diary: Amsterdam).

Me and one of the girls done a day trip to a Christmas market (Travel Diaries: Edinburgh Christmas Markets) and we are planning on doing another one next year.

We have even been talking about doing a holiday, but whether that one will actually happen I just don’t know. But it would be lovely if it did.


Well really this should be tattoo because I only got 1 this year and it is possibly one of my favourite tattoos I have, it is one of my baby boy (don’t stress, it’s my fur baby). I placed the tattoo on my ribs on my right hand side because as soppy as it sounds he was by my side for 16 years and now he will still be there no matter what.

Everything else…

Me and my sister done something we wouldn’t have EVER dreamed of doing… We completed the Tees Pride 10k run. And OH MY GOD it was one of the most painful and amazing things I have ever done! I MIGHT even do it gain this year but with the aim of shaving a little bit of time off.

Birthday celebrations!!

Going as Poison Ivy for Halloween!!

Can’t forget about the night out where I actually felt confident and happy ….. But ended up getting spiked (why people think that is every a good idea to put someone unwillingly through that I will NEVER know).

And finally seeing the New Year in with some of the best people I know!

And to top it off I also ended 2018 by going on a date on New Years Eve!! I can’t wait for next year, I have music gigs planned, talks of going travelling a little bit more, more nights out with my friends and family and not to mention more time taking care of my mental health! And I will be blogging the entire journey. I hope yous have the best time in 2019.


Kathleen xox

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