Missing your Dad on Fathers Day?

Happy Fathers Day guys!

This is one of the few days many people take for granted without even realizing it… It is a day spent celebrating your dad in every way possible and just showing him how much you appreciate everything he does for you, because lets face it we never tell our parents just how much we love them as often as we should. But what about us who don’t have a dad to celebrate anymore? Here is what I do…

My Dad!

,e and dad about 20 years ago

This amazing man is my dad! Luckily I got to spend some more time with him than what is in this photo, but sadly not as long as somebody should have with a parent. I’m honored because firstly I had him as my dad but also because I got to spend more time with him than some people get but due to a long illness this amazing man passed away when I was 13 (2 days after his birthday and less than a month before my birthday). I’m not going to lie, it absolutely sucks not having one (never mind both) of your parents in your life, especially when you loose one just as your body naturally starts to freak out as you are hitting puberty. And despite what people say, it never gets easier, it just becomes part of day to day life. The first couple of life events are the hardest but them parts honestly do get easier to cope with, you kinda become numb to it all.

last photo taken of me and dad
Not the best photo ever but this is the last photo take of me and dad together

Things you can do

 If you are lucky enough to have your mam or another person raising you then why don’t you celebrate them!? I mean they are pretty much being you mam and dad in one and that bloody well deserves celebrating! It takes a strong arsed person to do one of them jobs never mind both!

My fam-a-lam (and probably the only way I’ll get a photo of mam on here)

If you are lucky enough to know what movies or music your dad liked then you could listen to some throughout the day,it kinda takes you back in time and it’s like you are in the room with them. Or if you are 18 years old or more maybe have one or two of their favorite drinks, my dad wasn’t much of a drinker but when he did he used to like a larger and lime so……

pint of larger and lime infront of a tiger cub fruit bowl

Apart from that there really isn’t much you can do, if it is one of your first fathers days without your dad (sorry of it is) but just keep yourself busy, go for a walk, build something, go torture your friends or try and shift that hangover (if you enjoyed last night maybe a little too much). To be honest I think keeping busy is probably my best advice to anyone on a day like this, the pain never gets easier, I mean its 10 years since I lost my dad and I am still experiencing firsts (and I know there are plenty more to come) but you just have to remember that they are there still, any little memory you have they will be there with you. And don’t shy away when your friends mention their dads, there is nothing to be sad about, it is honestly worse when people dern’t talk about dads around you. Just put on your brave face and deal with it, embrace when they mention it and join in on the conversation, it might be hard at first but that is one of the things that make the whole situation that little bit easier.

Hope today is as easy as possible for you,


Kathleen xox

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