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Hi my lovelies,

I want to ask if you saw the original hype when YouTuber, James Charles, released a collaboration with Morphe. But if you clicked on this post then you must have! Like I could resist getting the mini when it was released.

When I saw that the mini was here and pretty much released straight away, I went onto the Morphe website and bagged myself one. I managed to find a code too meaning that I got the palette for £23.40 including delivery instead of the £26 it was listed for. Not only is this a really good price for an eyeshadow palette with so many colours, but the full sized palette is £39. It’s a no-brainer what one I was going to go for.

The Palette…

Wen it arrived, less than a week after I ordered it, the outer packaging and the palette itself looked identical to the original one that my niece has (obviously apart from the size!!). But when you open it….

The mini james charles palette showing the eyeshadows and mirror

So obviously apart from the fact that the shadows are smaller we now have a mirror on the lid! And it’s a good quality mirror, not one where it makes you think of a house of mirrors, you know, where it bends and wobbles your face.

As for the shadows being smaller, I like them. I highly doubt I will be able to hit pan on this size of eye-shadows never mind the big ones in the original James Charles palette. Lets have a look at what the shadows look like on the skin along with their epic and random as hell names.

Row 1/ Top Row

Swatches of the top row of the mini eyeshadow palette

From top to bottom we have:- Canvas, Ringlight, So Good, 518, Rusted, Halloween, Wig, Tea.

Row 2

second row of swatches

From top to bottom we have:- Punch Me, Sister, Mary, Literally, You’re Kidding, Shook, Boutique, Benny.

Row 3/ Middle Row

Third/Middle row of swatches

From top to bottom we have:- Flashback, Face, Tune, Code James, 10% Off, No Beans, Spooky.

Row 4

fourth row of swatches

From top to bottom we have:- Bee, Guac, Hellow, Playground, Brother, Artistry, Love That, Pinkity Drinkity.

Row 5/ Bottom Row

Bottom row of swatches

From top to bottom we have:- Social Blade, Daddy, Cape Code, Cola, A Capella, Escape, Single, Skip.

Blue for cola? Who associates blue with cola? I always think of red for cola and silver/grey with diet cola. Bit pointless putting that in but hey, ho! It popped in’t my mind so its on the page.

The verdict

I love, love, love this palette! The shades are lovely and pigmented, there is a little bit of fall out but nothing that is too upsetting. They blend out seamlessly without going patchy or losing colour/pigment. And because this is a smaller palette, it’s a half decent size to travel with which is made even better with the mirror.

There are only 2 faults with the palette for me, 1) the palette is made from cardboard, so if you were travelling with it, it won’t be the most secure. however the magnet they have to keep the lid shut is half decent (it makes that good “click” noise when it closes). And 2) the names are printed on a acetone sheet inside the palette, lets face it, that slippery little sucker is going to fall out at some point and we won’t know the name of the shade we are using. It would have been better if the names were printed either underneath the shadows or printed underneath the palette. But the other 2 Morphe palettes I have don’t have the names printed on, so I wonder if it is a Morphe thing? Either way I’m happy I bout the palette.

This bit might be random but, for Halloween this year I went as Two Face from Batman. In order to get the half blue face I used white face paint and eye-shadows. I set the paint with a light blue eyeshadow and then painted in the details with darker shades, most of which from this palette.

Have you tried either the original James Charles palette or the mini? If you have, what did you think about it?


Kathleen xox

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