Melted Crayon Art

Hi guys!

So I didn’t really know what to post tonight, but I really fancied just a little bit of an escape/ natter so I have quickly done a melted crayon picture and thought I would share that with yous. It is super easy ( I know shock n horror one of my D.I.Y.’s is easy to do) and the possibilities of different pieces are endless!! I have seen Disney Princess ones, Marvel, actual photo’s and quotes, but I decided to do a Dr Who one.

What you will need;

  • crayons
  • paper/card
  • hairdryer
  • hot glue gun
  • white paint (optional)
  • pint brush (optional)

What to do;

So I doubt you will need much if any explanation on how to do this but just incase, you should start off by picking a picture you want to use and then take off all the paper wrappers on your chosen crayons.

Now you can either line your crayons on your page/ piece of cardboard or like me you can snap them into pieces and scatter them around. Once you are happy with where your crayons are, use a hot glue gun and glue them down.

Then its just a matter of getting your hairdryer and melting those crayons!!! You can put that extra bit on the end of your hairdryer (I have no idea what it is called sorry) in order to get more precision on where the heat goes, but for mine I just let the melted wax go where it wanted to go.

Once you are happy with how the melted wax looks then you can either draw or glue on you picture/ character. But in order to get a more galaxy/ spacey look to my wax (with it being a Dr Who themed picture) I took a dry paintbrush with some white paint and splattered to paint onto the wax.

Then once that was dried, I glued on my printed picture of the Tardis.

And that is it! it is super cheap, super easy and super effective. Like I said at the beginning the possibilities are endless, just depends on your patience and wax melting skills. If you do end up making one of these pictures I would love to see them.


Kathleen xox

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