May 2021 Glossybox

Hiya guys,

It’s that time of the month again…. It’s time for a Glossybox review! I can’t lie, these aren’t as exciting to do as they once were because the boxes just seem to be very ‘meh’ lately but either way, lets see what your £15 will get you this month.

This months theme is “Woke up in Spring” which to me gives m all the pastel vibes and makeup that gives you a “natural” glow. But do those over at Glossybox HQ get the same vibes?

Minus 417 – Serenity Legend – Hydrating Dead Sea Bath Salts

Now this kinda stuff I’m happy to get in a monthly box, if you follow my Instagram you will know that I bloody love a bath. Even though I read “Sean Salts” and thought that they couldn’t have put a worse product in because you think it is going to take all the moisture out of you, the description says it is enriched with healing minerals which is meant to leave your skin feeling refreshed, soft and smooth…. This will be tested when I next have a pamper night.

This pack is a deluxe mini worth £2.17 but if you wanted to buy the full sized pack it would set you back £10.24. When you think about it, that’s not a bad price for a bath product… Especially if it works.

Sophia + Mabelle – Eyeshadow Quad

Yesssssss we have a make-up product! I was so excited when I saw this on their Instagram, it just hit the spot for Spring. It is pastels, it has a slightly darker shade for deepening the crease or outer corner and it has shimmers. I even liked it being pink and I’m not a pink kinda girl. But when it come and I done the swatches I was so disappointed…

Where the hell is the pigment? And I dug my finger into the pan to get as much product as I could 🙁 This little quad would set you back £25 and I really would not waste your money on it, I actually put mine straight in the bin. For that price you can go and get yourself the Nikkie Tutorials x Beauty Bay palette which is worth 3 times the price.

Feel Free – Antioxidant Eye Contour Cream

…. Oh YEY! another eye cream (If I could use emoji’s this would be the place for the palm slap to the face one). As normal, it says that it hydrates and eliminates small lines, but is that not what most other eye creams claim? It’s a fairly large tube though which retails for £4.77 so it’s actually pretty cheap compares to others we have had. Lets hope it does the job because these other ones don’t seem to be working and them pesky small lines are starting to appear.

Dwtn Paris – Liquid Blusher

I mean wow! I am not going to run out of blush anytime soon with this bad boy! This both excites and scares me at the same time, I mean I love my Fenty cream blush, but I wish I had one in a pink/red shade just to jazz things up once in a while so I’m looking forward to trying a cream blush. But, this is a super intimidating shade….

It is bright when you get it out of the tube, but hopefully it will blend out into a subtle colour… Well if I can blend it out in time because this dried fast and was a b**ch to get off the back of my hand. All that said though I am super excited to try it out. This entire tube retails for £19.58 which bloody hell that’s pricey but if it lasts long it should work out value for money. Would I buy this though? It’s hard to tell yet because I’ve not actually tried it but I can’t see me paying basically £20 for blush, I am a cheapskate after all but that is one of the reasons I love getting this subscription box.

Skin&co Roma – Truffle Therapy Morning Dew

Ooooooh I own something with truffle in it! Don’t I feel fancy! This is a morning cleanser which apparently dissolves impurities, minimises the appearance of blemishes and improves tone and texture of the skin… Hell yes! This is a bit of me. This deluxe mini is worth £1.98 and a full sized tube is £18.29. Skincare is worth spending the money on so if this works then it is worth the money and the cheapskate part of me would actually part with the money for it.

So is this months box worth the money? You pay £15 and the contents are worth £53.50, eve when you take off that rubbish eyeshadow quad it works out at £28.50. So yeah I would 100% say it worth the money. Do I get the “woke up in Spring” mood? Absolutely not. But it still ended up a decent box.

Next months box is apparently based on all things bright and sunny and in the sneak peek we can see that they are giving us eye masks. I love getting eye masks! They are one of them products I like using but hate buying!


Kathleen xox

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