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Since there is just over 4 weeks until Halloween, I thought I would bring you a slightly more time consuming D.I.Y. project this week. Have you ever found THE perfect outfit/ costume for Halloween or even a fancy dress party, but struggled with your shoes? Whether it has been that they are too plain or that they just aren’t what you imagined in your head when you found your outfit. Well that’s normally how I am (probably because I refuse to pay a small fortune for a pair of shoes for 1 night of the year), but I went through a glitter stage a few months back where I glittered the soles of some of my shoes and while looking for other inspiration, I found that people craft their entire shoes! So I though for Halloween I would give it a try because Halloween is all about the strange and wonderful and if you go wrong who can tell? you get all kinds of weird costumes out there. Even if you don’t have an outfit in mind but end up giving this a try, you can always plan an outfit around your finished piece because lets face it the way you take your shoes is limitless!

This is what I done to a spare pair of heels.

The original boring shoes!
The original boring shoes!

Once you have found the right shoes for you, whether it is heel height, size of the heel or even if it has a platform on the bottom of them, you start to add newspaper to them in order to make the lumps and bumps that you need. Stick the paper to the shoe using masking tape. I decided to change the front of mine because I felt like the pointed front was more of an older woman’s shoe then for someone my age (but that’s just the way I feel about them). So using rolled up newspaper I made a box like shape.

Once you have made your marks out of newspaper, completely cover your shoes with masking tape.

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I then went back in (when I was in a more patient mood) and added “teeth” to the front of the shoes.


Now its time to get messy and papier mache the whole shoe (make sure you get in all the little cracks and delves that you have made! Like you can see from the photo above, I pushed the glue-y paper in the delves of each tooth.

When the glue has all dried up, it is now time to paint and get even more creative.


This is what had at first, a plain blue background, eyes dotted randomly over the entire shoe and minging looking teeth. But they just look too plain still, so I waited for that layer of paint to dry and then when back in to add more detail. Like…



I added orange to the eyes, more brown-y oranges to the tops of the teeth and I also used a dry brush and added some highlights and shades under the eyes and in some of the lumpy areas of the shoes.

But there was still the issue of around the top of the heel (where you foot goes into it), it just looked tatty and if you fell over or caught it on something, all of your hard work would just come off. So as a quick fix and something that is super easy but also super relaxing, I got a black crayon and a hot glue gun (you can pick on up for just under £9 out of Boyes) and got styling some fake black monster blood oosing out of the shoe.


This as you can probably guess already, helps keep the papier mache connected to the shoe.

Now I just had to figure out how I was going to sort the heels out, I just wasn’t happy with them… Well if there is blood oosing out of the top of the shoe, why not have it going down the heels?


Ta Dah, ooooosy monster blood heels!

And that is pretty much it! Your have your very own, one of a kind, spooky heels.

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The finished monster shoes!

The possibilities are endless though, you can make your very own witches heels, or stick loads of googly eyes to your shoes, glitter them or make zombie flesh-y ones, anything!

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They might also end up making you feet look a funny shape but isn’t that also part of the fun of Halloween?


The more time you spend, the more little touches you can make to them. These took me around about 1 week to make and that includes going to work and making other blog posts, which I don’t think is that bad really. I will probably end up still adding little bits to these (like maybe red vain lines in the eyes) but it will just make them look even better!


If you end up making some of your own shoes into Halloween-y ones, I would love to see them!


Kathleen xox

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