Morphe x Manny MUA

Manny MUA x Morphe colab

Hey my loveies,

OMG did everyone see that Morphe has FINALLY released a collaboration with YouTuber Manny Mua! I only started watching Manny’s videos last year and even I know that he has been a fan and affiliate with Morphe for years!

When the colab was announced I lost it, the palette, the brushes, all of it! And with it being Morphe you just know it was going to be reasonably price. Which at just over £20 it is! But shock and horror I done a me and for one reason or another, I didn’t order it. I talk about make-up that much I didn’t think anyone was really paying that much attention….But come Christmas day I only go and open up the bloody palette!!!!

How pretty! It can go from day to night PLUS it has 2 highlighters in it meaning you can definitely amp up your look. Lets have a closer look at the colours (p.s. sorry for the untidy and worst swatches you will have ever seen, I need to order some stencils so swatches can start looking pretty).

The Highlighters

The top more gold swatch is called “Apollo” and the bottom more pink swatch is called “Nova”. Now we all know that I am that pale I would give Casper a run for his money, so it’s not surprising that one the odd occasion when I have went a little heavy handed with them they have just left a line on my face. But a nice gentle touch can still give a lush glow without that tacky streak.

A little tip from Many in his reveal video is to mix both colours together. And oh yes! you need to try that if you get this palette.

The Shadows

I just love the colour range, come random colours, some that look similar, there are just so many combination possibilities!

Top Row

From left to right the colour names are: Dust Cloud, Scorpio, Fire Witch and Leo.

Fire Cloud is a great setting colour for when you cut your crease or even to make sure the edges of your transition shade is blended to the Gods. Scorpio is a genuinely gorgeous gold colour which is perfect for everyday. Fire Witch is one of the purest shades of orange that is simply amazing. And Leo is a shiny/wet look brown which is nice on the centre of your lid to finish off a brown smoky eye.

Middle Row

From left to right these shade names are: Sophie, Spellbound, Cancer and Zaya.

Sophie is great for using as a transition shade. Spellbound I like to use to deepen the outer corners as it is a nice dark-ish brown (despite how naff the swatch looks). Cancer is a shiny purple shade which once again is great on the centre of the eyelid. And Zaya is super similar to “Sophie” but with a slightly more brown tone to it, I know it looks a lot browner and kind like diarrhoea (lets be fair that swats does) it is actually nice to use to add more depth to the crease.

The bottom Row

From left to right these shades are called: Boy Next Door, Gementa, Aries and Howl.

The boy next door is once again good for the crease as it’s a subtle Brown shade. Gementa is a lush red shade with a slight tinge of purple to it. Fun fact, when Manny was naming these he mispronounced Magenta, hence why the shade is called Gamenta. Aries, ooooooh this is such an unsual monochrome like shade, its a mixture of brown, green, purple and silver, and it all depends how the light hits it. This shade is perfect over most of the lid with other shadows such as “Howl”, “Zaya”, “Spellbound” ect. And finally the shade “Howl” is a dark brown for when you just don’t think your look has enough depth or just needs to be darkened that little bit more.

My Views

The only problems that I have with with this palette is: It could do with a pale shade for us super pale girls, and 3 of the light brown shades are super similar. This to me means that there has been a missed opportunity for another random shade (like the red and orange that we have). And I can’t lie, it did take a couple of dips into the pan to get the swatches to have that much pigment. But apart from them little things, I love this palette. It’s another positive palette from Morphe to add to my slowly growing collection (aka 2 of their own palettes and the mini James Charles palette). I can’t wait for either another colab or to try a different piece of makeup from Morphe.

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