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Hi my lovelies,

Can you believe after the whole “Too Faced” incident that happened years ago, Nikkie Tutorials has finally found a company that she feels confident enough in to collaborate with? Well apart from her Ofra collabs (which I still need to buy one of the highlighters). It was revealed a week or so before the actual release date that she was collabing with the one and only Beauty Bay…. Damn right I was getting the palette whether I liked it or not! But watching the reveal video, I fell head over heels in love with a bloody eyeshadow palette. So I signed up for early access and prayed I would be able to get my hands on one.

The day of the release, I can honestly say that I was checking my emails every half an hour to make sure I didn’t miss the email with the early access link. As soon as the email came through, I had my PayPal confirmation email 4 minutes later!.

We have all done a cheeky order off Beauty Bay and know that the packages normally come in a plain brown and black box. But oh no, no, no, not Nikkie’s palette, she has totally put her heart into this and even done a design on the box…

This lovely little touch was not talked about in the reveal video, but she did mention that for this first limited edition stock of the palette they were randomly giving away 1 of 2 pop sockets and she had also personally signed 100 palettes. I lost my sh*t at the thought of getting a signed palette. I was also praying for the black pop socket (it’s so much more me than the bright one).

So time for the big reveal…

Damn it… I got the bright pop socket and no signed palette :'( boo me! However, I was still excited about actually owning this and you a damn right I put this on my “gram”…. Well insta story so far, but it still counts!

The pop socket that you could have received reflected the design of the palette. One was black with a white “B” on it. The other (shown below) is more purple with a white “B” on it.

Now the main show itself, the palette…

I mean is there any need? It is stunning! I have the same view as Robert Welsh and really would have preferred the whole thing to be the dark side pattern but Nikkie said that she wanted to show both sides of her. And when I think of Nikkie Tutorials I think of fun and creative.

Another nice personal touch that Nikkie included was a little sheet that explained what each colour is and the best way to apply the shade (i.e. with a brush or with your finger).

When you lift the bright side you get the more brighter “fun” colours.

And when you life the dark side you get the darker more muted shades. Even though in her reveal video Nikkie said that she does not like arm swatches because the colours show and preform better on the eyelid but what would be the point in a blog post about eyeshadow if you don’t get to see them up close?

The matte’s are super pigmented and easy to blend. There is a little bit of fallout left in the palette after you have dipped your brush in them but it’s nothing major. I normally collect the fall out/ left overs when I go in for some more colour. But from what I have heard that is how pressed pigments normally act.

The shimmers are honestly another level! I don’t know where to start with them. They are that pigmented and shimmery I had to twist my arm in the photos just to show the colour. Most are duo-chrome colours, for example “All In” looks like a gold but there are some green reflects in there. I love pretty much all the shades (including the pink!) but All In is going to be my go to shade at Christmas.

If you can get you hands on this palette on the next and final restock then I would highly recommend that you do. You can do an everyday look (to a point anyway) or a completely out there look. This has been my main eyeshadow palette since it arrived almost 2 weeks ago. It has helped me push my confidence and do some bolder looks than I normally would do for work.


Kathleen xox

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