Luna by Nina Ricci

Hey guys!!

So this one is a little different than what I’m used to writing about and I just HOPE that it goes ok, so lets get on with it!!

A couple of months ago Nina Ricci released its second perfume “Luna”


Unlike the classic “Nina” perfume which is in a simple, juicy pinky-red apple shaped bottle with silver details (the leaves and bottle lid). Luna is more of a pear shaped bottle (in my opinion) because instead of the pink Nina Ricci has swapped it for more of a slightly green toned blue bottle. And has also swapped the silver leaves that normally curve over the top of the bottle, for a gold toned stem that has two delicate leaves spouting either side with ‘Nina Ricci’ stamped into the top larger leaf. Plus I can’t miss off the slightly edgy black rope that has been wrapped around the base of the stem.

I am useless at describing perfume scents, its normally either “sweet and light” or ” abit edgy like Alien” (because Alien by Thierry Mugler is my number 1 perfume ever!!!). So I’ve took to website descriptions and the lovely “Hello October” in one of her vlogs (it’s only briefly mentioned but i’ll link it here) where they describe what combination of scents make this lovely perfume e.g. Wild Berries and Orange Blossom. Once everything is listed it is amazing what notes you pick up on!  So for me I can now easily pick up on the; Caramel and Vanilla (making it sweet) but then there is Sandlewood which gives it a slightly edgy scent (like Alien!).

At first when I took the bottle out of its box I was gutted I spent £30+ on such a small bottle (but this is average for Nina Ricci perfume), but this has almost been the only perfume I have worn for the past 2 months and its barely gone down (like you can see in the pictures). At the rate I’m going, I will 100% be re-buying  this when it runs out but thankfully I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon!!

Hope this has made a little bit of sense, but honestly you need to go and smell this perfume!


Kathleen xox

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