Love the Revolution!

makeup revolution palette with candles, Kylie lipstick and zoella lip balm

Hey guys,

Hope you had a great Pancake day AND Valentines/Galentines day! Did you see the eyeshadow palette that Makeup Revolution released just for Valentines day if you spent £12 on their products? Well I thought I had been able to bag myself one off the shelf without having to spend £12, but looking more closely at it it seems to be slightly different….

the Love the Revolution eyeshadow palette with the lid closed

So this little beauty was a purse breaking £4! How do they work out their prices? surely £4 for 6 eyeshadows and a highlighter has got to mean that they are ripping themselves off right?! Well that or it’s going to be absolutley rubbish! Buuuttttt when have you known anything from Makeup Revolution be rubbish? Their highlighters and some of the best drugstore highlighters you can get. FACT! (check out my thoughts on halloween special edition highlighter). The packaging isn’t the sturdiest out there, like if you just flung this in a bag be prepared or a pan or 2 to break. But the lid has a nice matte rose gold trim on it and has “LOVE THE REVOLUTION” in a paint prush like text (placed nicely over the massive heart highlighter).

Love the revolution palette with the lid up, next to some Kylie Lipstick and and heart print ribbon

So what is the colour payoff like?

I was surprised when I swatched the eyeshadow colours, I mean yeh I have had 2 different highlighters from Makeup Revolution so I know they are amazing, but I have never really tried any of their eyeshadows (apart from a HUGE 144 palette I got off my friend for Christmas….. Possible future post?) so you can imagine what my face was like when the swatches turned out like this…..

Swatches of the 6 shades from the Makeup Revolution Love the Revolution palette

Can you believe you can get 6 eyeshadows with a colour payoff like this for £4 and that isn’t including the highlighter. On the left had side you get 3 matte shades and on the right you get 3 shimmery shades. For the past 4 months I have been searching for a resonably priced red eyeshadow (honestly you won’t believe how hard it is to find!) and the red in this palette is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I have been loving using this with the gold shimmer in the middle, no eyeliner, just mascara. It has pretty much been my go to combo when I actually have time to make the effort with my makeup. My only issue with these shades is the top right hand one, it looks like a shimmery purple but when I have tried to use it the base is a mucky brown/green then the shimmer is purple (it’s hard to imagine how you would use it).

The Highlighter

makeup revolution palette with candles, Kylie lipstick and zoella lip balm

So that pretty heart in the centre of the palette isn’t there for decoration, oh no no no! it is a highlighter!!

swatch of the highlighter from the makeup revolution Love the Revolution palette

I mean just look at that shine (heat-eyed emji) is that not the glazed donut shine every girl was after in a highlight a couple of years ago!?! Makeup Revolution never seem to fail when it comes to getting that shine just right, honestly I seem to feel so much happier with my makeup when I wear this it is actually ridiculous!

If you find youself in a Superdrug any time soon and you see they have one of these left then grab it! Grab it while you can! I cna’t think of many other things you can get for £4 that is this much value for money.


Kathleen xox
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