L’Oreal True Match Highlight

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Long time no speak! But in order to get this blog back to where it should be, I though I would bring to you another make-up review, this time on the L’Oreal Paris True Match Highlight.


So a while ago I done my “My everyday go to make-up”  and my highlighter then was the No 7 “Rose Shimmer Palette” which was all smashed and broken, well this little thing is what I replaced it with. The “Icy Glow” L’Oreal True Match Highlight. And wow am I loving this Highlighter!

Lately, and I don’t know if this has always been a thing for L’Oreal or not, but they have been going all out for their packaging! it looks simple on the outside but when you open it, it has 2 layers…


This is the first layer. The highlight itself! It is cut into 3 different colours and I don’t know if different colours are meant to do different things but I just swirl/ mix them all together. But then underneath the highlight you have…


A mirror and a little brush!! How cute is that!?! I mean you can take this on your travels and you don’t need to carry your mirror and fan brush with you. And that to me is always a plus, saves space in your bag whenever you travel.

This highlight is super pigmented and it has a super fine glitter in it, if you compare it to the No7 highlight that I mentioned above…


I don’t know if you can tell or not by this photo, but the brown one has slightly larger pieces of glitter in it whereas the silver one is more fine.

The L’Oreal highlighter is build-able as well!


This is just one layer of the highlighter, when applied over your make up this is super subtle but you can still tell when you have it one. But …


This is 2 layers of the highlighter, you can’t half tell the difference between one simple layer. So you have to go careful when applying this beauty.


L’Oreal have also been super cute to people like me who know about make-up but don’t fully understand certain aspects of it, so on the bottom of the packaging they have explained what highlighter does to you when you apply it to certain areas of your face. How cute is that!?!

Enjoy shimmering with this highlighter!


Kathleen xox
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