L’Oreal Dream Lengths Shampoo

Loreal Dream Length shampoo and conditioner laid next to a shower head

Hi guys,

Have you seen the new shampoo that is claiming to help your hair grow? For the past year(or so) I have been trying to grow my hair but it seems to get to a certain length and be like ‘nope, I’m not growing anymore’. I’ve tried different shampoo’s and oils but nothing seems to work but when I saw the new L’Oreal shampoo I thought I would give it a try anyway. It also helped that I saw it in Tesco for ¬£4 or 2 products for ¬£4 (I don’t know why they didn’t just say buy one get one free) so I thought it was worth a shot and got both the shampoo and conditioner…

Loreal Dream Length shampoo and conditioner laid next to a shower head

I can never seem to stick to one specific kind of hairstyle, whenever I go to the hairdressers I want to see a change so I go from growing it to cutting it off. Below is my hair in April last year and at this point I had decided to grow it again and was going to the hairdressers every other month to get it trimmed in hopes of it growing in time for summer.

And this was the length of my hair about a month ago when I bought the shampoo and conditioner (after giving up on getting my hair trimmed because I just seemed to be cutting off whatever had grew in them 2 months). Not much growth at all!

I did take a photo of what the shampoo actually looks like but in hind sight it looks wrong so I thought I would leave it out of here. But the shampoo itself has a very nice subtle ice blue shimmer in it and no obvious scent to it. But once you use it and dry your hair it leaves a subtle chemical smell to it, kinda like the smell you get when you first walk into a hairdressers, so you know your hair has had some kind of treatment.

Since using this product I have been straightening my hair more and even though it has been windy out still when I get to work there somehow is no cotters at all in my hair!? How? I just don’t know but I like it! The only problem is your hair is that soft you can’t stop playing with it and by the time you get home after work your hair looks greasy. As a general rule, I really wouldn’t recommend¬† this to people who normally have greasy hair.

This is my hair up to now, it doesn’t look like a huge amount of growth, but considering it took me a year from the first photo to the second, I think that’s a decent amount of growth. And I have noticed that since using this shampoo and conditioner I am loosing less hair! Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t loosing much anyway but my bobble would have chunks of hair on it or my hairbrush would after I brushed my hair, but now almost nothing comes out. So if you find that you loose hair a lot or that your hair is weak then this is really work a try. I can’t say what the other two products are like but I have without a doubt been loving the shampoo and conditioner.

Let me know if you have tried these and what you thought of them!


Kathleen xox
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  1. I love L’oreal brand is pretty much one of my favorite brands but I don’t think I need this shampoo since my hair grows so fast and get greasy easily. Anyhow, great post! XO


    1. Mine gets greasy fast too! Whats you secret to fast growing hair? x

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