Looking Back On 2016

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Hello my lovelies!

Hope you had an amazing Christmas and got absolutely spoilt rotten! For tonight’s post I thought it would be nice to reflect on 2016 as a little preparation for 2017 (I can’t believe this year is over in 2 days!).

I started the year quietly and saw 2016 in, in bed with my boyfriend at the time and a little glass of Cointreau. And even now I couldn’t think of a better way to see in the year. And as for the rest of January, nothing exciting happened (does it ever in January or am I just boring?).

In January I got a memorial tattoo for my Nanna on my ribs. I got a lovely little Forget – Me – Not flower, as even though my Nanna didn’t like flowers, we lost her mainly due to her memory going (possible Dementia or Alzheimers but she was too far gone for the hospital to run tests), but no matter how bad she got she always knew who we where when we went to visit her.

And speaking of loosing my Nanna, March saw the 1 year anniversary of her death. We had a lovely family barbecue round her bungalow (my auntie is still living there, we didn’t just invade someones new home), and it was so lovely having the entire family together to remember her and just to keep in touch as my Nanna was pretty much the glue to the family. But this one day of the year we all came back together and it was like we had only spoken the day before.

In April I had to get one of my lovely dogs put to sleep…

This is my little Denni dog, she was a Staffy, but she was a special dog because she was crushed in the womb when she was born so her legs weren’t like normal dogs legs. She was on doggy steroids when she was a pup, but we were told that she wouldn’t live past 6 month, we had to put her to sleep due to her just struggling with everyday life at the ripe old age of 14 1/2. Now that is beating the odds and proving the professionals wrong.

The eldest of my two brothers also get engaged in April and he asked me to help him with that! I made a banner and went to the beach with his kids and got everything ready with them.

It was such a lovely day and I loved being a part of it!

In May me and my boyfriend at the time went on or first ever holiday together to Benalmadena. And it was truly amazing! We just relaxed and done what we wanted to when we wanted to. I would love to go back again for longer, with slightly more spending money and just go all out this time.

And on our way back from the airport, I got my first ever piece of MAC make-up!

Fast forward 3 months and we are now in August, where me, my mam, sister and brothers (and all the kiddies and partners) get together an dgo for a nice family meal and remember my amazing dad who we lost 9 years ago.

Once again this is one of the few days that we all make the effort and are all together as a family.

And not to mention at the end of August, I started this iddy biddy blog! and wow has it helped me with the next couple of months!!

In October I celebrated 4 years with my boyfriend. Well I say celebrated we didn’t actually do anything because like we used to say… It’s like you are surprised you are still together! We even started to plan next years anniversary (with it being a milestone celebration), little did I know we would be broken up 2 weeks later.

Sooo November, now this is where the real fun things happen (NOT). This is the official month that we broke up and wow was it hard! There was no real reason as to why this happened but it did and like I have talked through in a previous post, it has helped me develop more as a person and not believe that my life could evolve around another person. I have now grew closer to more of the girls at work and 2 I now consider to me very close friends, they have stuck by and listened to me moan and cry God knows how many times!

So just as I started coming to terms with my new single life, I had to get my little baby boy (dog) put to sleep…

His name was Shaggy and he was my own little dog! Even though Denni was, she was more my dads dog, whereas shaggy was mine from the minute we brought him home! He always cuddled into me if either one of us wasn’t feeling well. When my relationship broke down he curled into me when I was crying and never left my feet (apart from when I went to work). But one day his stomach started to bloat and I just thought it was his food as he had done this before, so I changed the brand and gave it a week. It didn’t go down and he was getting more and more restless, one night he looked at me and just looked so tired it made me cry. So the next morning that was it, he was booked into the vets where I was told that his stomach was most likely due to fluid leaking and building up due to his heart murmur and that he was pretty much a ticking time bomb. I was not having him in pain so I left the vets without him, he had been put to sleep at a ripe old age of 16 1/2.

Then just over 1 week later (4 days before Christmas)  I had to get my final little doggy put to sleep…

She was called Holly and was such a little character you couldn’t help but love her. She looked like a Fox but had the behaviour of a Kangaroo. After getting Shaggy put to sleep, she seemed to loose all of her energy and lost weight even though she was eating just the same. She then started to struggle with breathing and it just wasn’t fair on the poor girl anymore, so we put her out of her pain.

Even though this doesn’t seem like it has been the best year you could have, there has been more parties and nights out with friends and just general things to be happy and thankful over. I have learnt so much in this past year ( and the past 2 months) and will carry on becoming a better person because of it all. I can not wait for next year to start and see what it has to offer! I’m going to start a memory jar as well (you just get a jar and write on little things that have made you happy throughout the year, then on New Years Eve or Day you take each slip out and re-read them).

Good luck for the New Year and thank you so much for all of your help (even though ypu don’t know you have been helping me), and I’ll talk to you in the New Year!!!


Kathleen xox
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