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Now I know most people have heard or used Liz Earle products, but this brand is fairly new to me. At Christmas one of the girls at work was talking about getting some products from this range during one of Boots’ many offers, so being inquisitive (or nosey, whatever you prefer) I asked the poor lass what must of felt like 1000 questions about the brand. During my little interrogation, I found out that Liz Earle is a brand that only uses natural ingredients, so I thought I would give it a try and pray my special sensitive skin would like it instead of having a hissy and breaking out in spots. So here goes nothing…

I bought the popular ‘Hot Cloth Cleanser’ and oh wow guys, it has honestly changed my skin care routine!! It is £15.50 in Boots for the starter kit where you get a 100ml bottle of cleanser, 2 100% cotton face clothes and instructions all packed in a cute mint green wash bag. And like I have said it is a natural ingredients brand, they even put it on the front of the complementary wash bag…

You can either use the thick cream cleanser to take off your make-up or use it after you have took your make-up off just to make sure your skin is properly clean.

Like I also said above the starter pack comes with instructions, so there must be some specific steps you have to do, right?


You simply put 2 pumps of the cleanser onto your hand and rub it into your skin using circular motions (if you can be bothered that it), then using one of the cloths you get in the pack and some warm water, you take the cleanser off your face, finally rinse the cloth under cold water and rub over your face again (this closes all the open pores you might have and prevents spots forming). And voila, that is it!

So what makes this different to normal cleansers? Well the cleanser is nice and thick so you can feel and see where it is on your face, but not too thick where it pulls at your skin while you are attempting to use it. But my all time favourite thing about this stuff (apart from not being allergic to it) is the smell, oh wow it smells fresh and clean, it kind of reminds me of a light Vicks scent. So not only does it smell nice but it leaves your skin slightly tingly.

I love this cleanser SOOOO much and I have never really been one for using a cleanser (I know that is really bad, I’m sorry), it is honestly starting to worry me just how much I enjoy using this product and I don’t have a spare bottle in case I run out…Note to self; stock up ASAP!!!

So if you are wanting to jazz up your skin care routine without spending a small fortune then this beauty is a must! Honestly you wont regret buying it.


Kathleen xox

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