New & Improved Lactose Free Scones

stack of golden scones on top of a slate board with flour on the background surface

Hey my lovelies,

Almost a year ago I uploaded a lactose free scone recipe (I’ll link it here). ┬áBut over the past couple of months I have been making ALOT of scones and not just using this recipe, but new ones!! And I have found THE perfect recipe which gives you amazingly light scones every time (with can be used for “normal” scones or Lactose free scones)!!!

So lets get to it…


  • 225g Self Raising Flour
  • 40g Butter (I use Vitalite dairy free)
  • 150ml Milk (I used Lactofree)
  • 1 1/2 tblsp Sugar
  • 1 pinch Salt
  • As much as you like for filling (either cherries, I generally get 2 tubs of Glace cherries or sultanas, about half a bag for plenty of filling)


Counter top with the ingredients for Milk Free Scones

What to do…

1)Pre heat your oven to Gas Mark 7. In a mixing bowl add the Flour, Sugar and Salt and give a quick mix together

2) Rub in the Butter until there is no (or very little) lumps left

A bowl of flower and salt with butter rubbed in

3) Now it’s time to add as much Filling as you would like. I’m not giving you a specific amount because they just never seem enough, basically all I do is pour some in and give it a mix about, if there isn’t a good amount of filling throughout then add some more…

butter and flour mixture with sultanas mixed in

4) Using a knife (random but just try it) start stirring your mixture and add in your milk bit by bit. I know it’s annoying when recipes say that but you might not need the entire 150mls just use enough to bring everything together. When the mixture starts to get too much mix with the knife, bring out your inner child and get your hand stuck in there!

scone dough in a mixing bowl

5) On a lightly floured surface tip your mixture out and kneed for a couple of minutes until the dough looks smooth (you can sprinkle flour over the dough if it is too wet/sticky).

6) When your dough is smooth, use a floured rolling pin and roll the dough until it is at least the size of the top part of your little finger (depends how tall you want them once then are cooked.

scone dough rolled out on a floured surface with a rolling pin in the background

7) Picking a cutter size of your choice start cutting the dough and placing your unbaked scones on a baking tray

unbaked scones on two baking trays

8) Bake in the oven for 15 minutes or until all nice and golden brown. Put loadsss of butter on and enjoy!

stack of golden scones on top of a slate board with flour on the background surface

And that is it, they turn out so light and fluffy you wont believe it. I can’t make nice pretty cakes yet (I struggle soooooo much with proper thick butter icing) so instead I make these for my family who are always asking for different fillings… If your going to use this recipe for savoury scones just take out the Sugar. Plus this works for both “normal” milk and butter ANDD Lactose free milk and butter (I know I’ve already said this above, sorry)


Kathleen xox

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