Kat Von D ‘Lock it’ Foundation and Highlighter Palette

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A good couple of months ago/ maybe a year ago Kat Von D makeup FINALLY made it to the UK!!! Specifically in Debenhams and I have been drooling over pretty much every product. After reading plenty of reviews I made the jump and bought the ‘Lock it’ foundation AND some highlighters!

kat von d foundation and highlighter palette


Lock It Foundation

The 'Lock it' foundation and packaging

What fascinated me the most (apart from just how pretty it all is) is the fact that it comes in 30 different shades!!!! How many other foundations do you know that come in 30 different shades!?! I mean as a uber pale person that is literally just music to my ears! But the price tag of £27 really put me off buying it for sooooooo long.

The 'Lock it' foundation in all its glory

So just to play it safe I went for one of the lightest shades that Kat Von D sells…. 41 Light Neutral and boy is it pale! When I first put this on I thought it was too pale for me (something I never thought I would be able to say) and to be honest I still think this every morning when I apply the foundation, but when I set it with some power it is literally THE perfect shade for me. Plus it’s nice and build-able, its a medium coverage anyway but you can build it to have full coverage for them bad skin days or night out. I have actually found my perfect foundation!!!!


Alchemist Holographic Palette

Highlighter palette and packaging

the sleek and sexy highlighter palette


So this magical looking palette is both an eyeshadow palette AND a highlight palette!!

open palette with its; peach, green, purple and blue highlighters

Look how pretty it is!!! I mean you have the packaging is shiny and a triangle! You get 4 different colours in the pallet: a pink-y peach (Pink Opal), a purple (Ultra-violet amethyst), a green (Green emerald) and a blue (Blue saphyre). These are so pigmented and reflect the light like you have mirrors on your cheeks!

swatches of the four highlight colours

I bought this purely for the fact that you can use them as a highlighter and I went through the stage of wanting purple highlight on a cheeky night out at the weekend. So one day I just thought “bugger it” and bought both the foundation and the highlighters (bonus because they were both in a sale on the Debenhams website).

But one weekend I tested their ability to be eye-shadows and teamed ‘Green Emerald’ up with a green cream eyeshadow I have from the Avon and the amount of complements I got for my eye make-up was UN-BELIEVABLE. I’m gutted I only got your typical night out photos this night (and I am SO NOT putting them on here) so I tried (and failed) to be arty and recreate the look on my arm… here it goes….. don’t laugh too much…

drawn on eye with plain green eyeshadow
just eyeshadow
drawn on eye with green eyeshadow and green highlighter on top
with ‘Green Emerald’ over the top

So there doesn’t look like much difference thanks to my amazing camera and lighting skills, but there is believe me there is, it’s like TinkerBell’s dress is on your eyelids!

So there are 2 out of my 3 Kat Von D make-up items (the first one I’ll link here) and honestly I love her make-up, literally from her packaging to the pure quality of the product is faultless. I can’t wait to invest in more!

A little tip before I go…. The Kat Von D make-up regularly goes on offer in Debenhams, so if you want to try one of her products but the price tag scares you…. hold your horses and wait for a sale to happen!!


Kathleen xox
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  3. Thank you so much for the great article, it was fluent and to the point. Cheers.

  4. Thank you so much for the great article, it was fluent and to the point. Cheers.

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