June 2020 Glossybox

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I know I’m a couple of months behind in updating the Glossybox subscription section, my last one was apparently way back in February. I’m sorry abut that!!. I promise I have still had all the good intentions to upload, I’ve took photo’s, I’ve edited and sent them over but I’ve never managed to actually type anything. But now that there is an epic thunderstorm outside and I’ve played The Last of Us 2 ALLLLL morning, I thought this would be the best time to get the June Glossybox typed up.

Just to prove that photos have been taken, here is Aprils box – Bloom (the 2 scrubs you got in this were amazing!)

This is last months box – Explore Your Wild Side. How amazing is the box!? I have wanted an EOS lip balm for years and there was another full sized MUDMASKY product, yasssssss!.

Now the reason you have clicked on this page, the June Glossybox – World of Beauty.

Junes Glossybox

I thought the idea for this box was so cute! We can’t go travelling due to COVID-19 so why not bring beauty products from around the world to us? The cover sheet was perfectly thought out, it looked like one of them clips from movies where the lines follow an animated plane and each destination has its own picture.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company – Makeup Removing Cloths

This is a random one, I see this company all the time in TKMAXX but never actually bought anything from them. You receive 1 of 2 patterns, either Zebra or like a leopard print.

These are make-up removing cloths. They are super soft and you get 2 in a pack! I was super confused when I heard a YouTuber say that one side is meant to exfoliate. I’ll give her her dues though, there is a tag that says “exfoliate” but they still feel exactly the same to me.

If you were to go out and buy this it would set you back £7.99

Lasplash Cosmetics – Brush Set

You can never have too many eyeshadow brushes and that’s a fact! I have been looking at buying so more lately but when these turned up that fully satisfied my craving. They are slightly small in length but that makes them better for when lockdown lifts and we can travel again, these will be in the brushes I take. I tugged on the bristles a little bit too just to make sure non would fall out when I’m actually applying eyeshadow and non did! You get a nice fluffy brush and a dense angle brush.

If you were to go an get this twin set for yourself it would cost £15

Modelco – Liquid Metal Eyeshadow

I get that people might like getting new eyeshadows each month but I’m getting a bit tired at the minute. The main reason why is that they seem to be the same colour scheme, Golds, Copper (at Christmas) and Browns. I know that is because it’s the safest option but colour eyeshadows is mean to be big this year so why not take a walk on the edge and try a pop of colour?

This ModelCo brand and eyeshadow to be fair is really nice and if you were to go to the shop this one tube would cost £15.

Beautaniq Beauty – Under Eye Mask

This is the wrong product than what my little information booklet told me I was getting. I was meant to get Natura – Potato & Parsley Under Eye Mask (costs £5.95 if anyone is interested) but instead I got this little beauty!

Beautaniq- Guardian Angel Revitalising Eye Gels. I’ve never used under eye pads/gels/masks before so I was really interested to see what they do. They were these glittery blue gel pads, which weren’t too slimy (Thank God otherwise I doubt I would have actually used them). And to show the company have put extra thought into the product, they were shaped like angel wings!

I managed to find the website for this brand and one pack would set you back £20.12!!

Huda Beauty – Life-Liner

Now the thing that got me VERY excited and to be honest one of the main reasons I subscribed to Glossybox/ got the advent calendar…. HUDA BEAUTY!!! Can you believe that in a box less than £15 you get a Huda Beauty product?!

This is the Life-Liner in the shade Very Vanta (aka black). On one half you get a liquid liner and the other you get pencil on the other. The bottle and lid are cleverly identifiable too because one says twist (for the liquid liner) and one says pull (for the pencil).

Look at how slim that brush is, and yest its actually a bristle brush and not a foam applicator.

And then you get the pencil, it’s a twist up (so sadly you can’t keep the point by sharpening it, but then a product like that would not work on this sort of component).

Unfortunately I can’t tell you what the 2 eyeliners are like because I have barely left the house for something where make up is needed. But this product would cost you £18 in a shop.

I mean the Huda Beauty product makes this box worth the money anyway but if you were to go out and buy each product it would cost you £76.11, that a massive saving of £61.11. That is possibly the best saving so far!.

A little pre-warning though, if you are ging to subscribe to Glossybox then next months box is already sold out! Meaning your first box is August but the payment will come out straight away, but there is a discount code on the website so your first box will be cheaper.


Kathleen xox

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