January 2020 Glossybox

I swear I will get one of these reviews up before the box sells out! But I’d rather test what I can so you know if it is actually value for money or if it just looks like good value for money. This is my first time getting a Glossybox in January and I was excited to see what the theme was… Turns out they decided to help everyone who partied a little too hard over the festive period and the theme was “Sleep and Refresh”.

BYBI – Strawberry Booster

RRP £12

I have never heard of this brand before but OH MY GAWD I have been loving this oil! You use this either on a morning or on a night, with or without moisturiser. It’s meant to add moisture to your skin and it definitely does that but it somehow does it without leaving your skin looking oily. And I know this sounds stupid, but I have been getting an oily T-zone lately and since I started using this it has somehow stopped my whole oily T-zone problem.

ModelCo – Brow Gel

RRP £14

Oh yassssss! I have been needing to buy a brow gel for AGES (considering I love make-up I’m not a fan of parting with my money to get any). I was so happy when I saw this pink packaged beauty. It’s a clear gel which is genius of them to do so everybody who receives a box can use the product. I put this through my brows before putting any other brow product on, I don’t know why or how but it just makes the brow products stick better and it saves the brush/gel going a horrible colour.

Naobay – Micelar Water

RRP £10.30

Why does everyone else get a fancy blue micelar water and I get one that looks like wee?!? Erm I can’t really say I’m going to be in a rush to try this one. The only plus side is that it actually smells ok, like it has a lot of goodness in it. I have put this in my beauty box for backups/things to test but truth be told I can’t see me using it at all.

Beauty Pro – CBD Sheet Mask


I’ve fancied buying something from a CBD range but I just didn’t know what and truth be told, I was a little nippy bum and was too nervous to. This mask has lavender and CBD oil in it, considering quite a few people rave about CBD products I can’t really say I saw much of a difference after I used it. When the mask was on it stung the current face invading spots I have but apart from the…. Nothing! But it was nice to use a face/sheet mask.

Basic Beauty – Tweezers

RRP £15.50

I mean, what can you say about tweezers? I like that these are in the box so you can carry on your beauty/pamper night and tidy up your brows. They are a cute shade of pink and they are nice and sturdy (we have all had a pair that bend in the middle when we are trying to grab a hair, thankfully these don’t do that). It’s nice to have a backup pair of tweezers and it’s something I hate buying! So thankfully I now don’t have to.

Nakd – Blueberry Muffin

Who doesn’t love a Nakd bar? This little extra treat is the best thing for me, it is dairy free and safe for those January diets. As the blueberry ontop on the muffin, you also get a voucher to get another Nakd bar for half price! Yassssss!

So is it worth it? I have enjoyed tying new products and this box that cost £14 had products that all in all was worth £57.75. That is a massive £43.75 saving. I don’t know about you, but if I can save that in January I’m not going t argue at all.

Next Months Sneak Peek…

In order for you to sparkle all you can in honour of Valentines Day, next month one of the items is a glow exilir which is apparently worth £35!… In a £14 box where you get 4 or more products, oh HELL YES! I am excited (once again) to see what else we get.


Kathleen xox

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