Glossybox – January 2021

Hi guys,

So the January 2021 Glossybox is here! And what do they have ready for us this month? Is it anything like last years January box? Are they still worth the money? Lets have a look…

Daily Concepts – Daily Reusable Rounds

The first thing we get is the “Daily reusable Rounds” which are along the same lines as the “Halo” face pads that everyone went crazy for a couple of years ago, but these are super thin, kinda like a cotton pad. There is no stuffing/foam in the middle.

I like the fact that they do not have the foam because then they will be able to fully dry during the day and will be ready for use again on the night. I’m planning on using these for my toner once my cotton pads have ran out.

I really like the thought of putting less rubbish into land fill and if these work then this is a good way to star. If you wanted to pick a pack of these up they cost £6.80. Which I think is a little steep and wouldn’t chose to pay that price myself but in the terms of reducing landfill, then it is worth it.

Ecooking – Moisturising Serum

Glossybox seem to be liking this brand lately since we got the hand cream not that long ago. I haven’t tried this serum yet so can’t really gve that much of a review on it.

If you like this brand or want to try out this moisturising serum then a full sized bottle would cost £45 and the deluxe mini we received in the box is £22.50. For that price I hope that it is worth it, I would rather pay less for the Glossy skin care range which we know works really nicely.

Saint Luxe Beauty – Brow Gel

At first I didn’t recognise this brands name but we have had this brand before and it’s rally nice, I love the lip liners that we got in the February 2020 box.

This clear brow gel that we received retails for £16 and even though I am going to be keeping this as a spare (I got a jar of Pink Honey for Christmas and I LOVE it!), I am sure that it will be worth the price considering how nice the lip liners are.

Mudmasky – Serum Infused Eye Mask

This wasn’t meant to be in this month box, we were meant to get one of them rose quarts stones that you rub on your face (I am gutted that didn’t come but they said it will be in a future box so fingers crossed!!). However we all know of the brand Mudmasky by now and know its pricey but good.

At first I thought this was yet another eye cream but it is actually an eye mask.

It looks strange because it comes out beige with black lumps in it but luckily it doesn’t have a smell (probably because of how sensitive the skin under your eyes are). You are meant to put this on under your eyes and leave it for 8 minutes. I have tried this and it didn’t sting (THANK GOD) and it left my under eyes feeling softer and smooth. Apparently you don’t see results until 4 to 12 weeks! Yikes! I mean is that every day or a couple of times a week? Not a clue, I feel like every day would be a bit of an over kill and pricey since it is £44 a tube.

Beauty Pro – Avocado Infused Sheet Mask

Now this I remember getting in last years January box. Who doesn’t love a good sheet mask? Or face mask in general? It’s the perfect non-expensive way to pamper/treat yourself. This one is completely plant based and is jam packed with serum, to the point I had to squeeze the mask over the sink before putting it on my face!

Apparently it has a plumping element in it but thanks to all of the eye creams we have received lately I feel like my fine wrinkles have gone now. But the mask left my face feeling lovely and soft and just a little bit tight but nothing that is uncomfortable. If you wanted to try this mask for yourself it would cost £4.95 which is a little pricey but for a treat it is a good price.

Your Sanitiser – Hand Disinfectant Gel

Like we could enter a New Year with Rona still lingering about without a tube of hand sanitiser. This product is one of the ones that saw sales fly through the roof last year and I can see sales still being high for most of not all of this year.

This tube stays on my desk at work and I have found when I put it on it burns the back of my hands a little but it hasn’t caused any form of irritation. I acutally don’t mind the burn because it makes me think that it is working and once the burning sensation stops it reminds me to put my had cream on.

If you wanted a tube of this it costs £2.72.

So is this months box worth the £14? Ermmmm product wise maybe, I am not disappointed with it but I do feel it’s a bit meh. Price wise however it is definitely worth it, you pay £14 for a box that this month is worth £96.75 making a massive saving of £82.75. And like I said above a couple of products I like but I’m very reluctant to pay the price for.

The sneak peek for next months Valentines Day box shows a sugar lip scrub by Avant. That brand is amazing and a sugar lip scrub? Hell yes! my lips are in need if that product right now.

Love, Kathleen xox

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