Homemade Lip Scrub

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Is anybody else really ready for Autumn and Winter to come around? I am!! Even my body is ready for them, not only are my eyes darting to every red, purple and mustard coloured piece of clothing but my lips have been threatening to go all horrible and crack. And I personally hate having dry, cracked lips ( I can’t imagine many people like having cracked lips to be honest), so yesterday I was in cheapskate mood and decided to kick my dry lips ass and make a lip scrub. While looking on good old Pinterest, I found what the most common ingredients are and some nice Winter-y ones as well. This is what I came up with ……

What you need;  


  • A small container
  • Sugar (any will do, obviously not sweetener)
  • Honey (I used cinnamon flavoured)
  • Coconut oil
  • A bowl
  • A spoon

As you can tell from the items listed above, I kind of winged it and never used precise amounts, but you just alter everything until you are happy with the outcome. I filled my container with sugar ( so I knew I wasn’t going to make a ridiculous amount), tipped it into the bowl then added half a teaspoon of both honey and coconut oil. Once it was all mixed together I used the back of the spoon to move the scrub into the container. At first I loved the texture, it was a bit looser then the lip scrubs you buy in the shops but it left your lips nice and soft (not feeling like you have been in the desert for a month without water). But I have since gone back and added a LITTLE bit more sugar.

How to use

I know many people just use their finger to get the lip scrub out of the container, but I really, really can’t stand the feeling of the sugar under my finger nails, so my little trick is to…..


… Use a lip brush as a scrub scoop! (I use the Eco Tools Lip Liner Brush from their Day to Night brush set).

Then use your finger to rub the scrub into your lips. If their is still product left on your lips you can use a piece of tissue which will soon get the remaining scrub off. I don’t know whether it is because I use too much product or if its because I’m still a child at heart but, I find the best time to apply a lip scrub is either, first thing in the morning or at night when all of your make-up is off. This is because I have found that it can take off most of the make-up around your mouth (and the entire top lip and maybe some off the cheeks).

Hope this helps to save your lips and a little bit of money,

Kathleen xox

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