Home made Coleslaw

a counter with all of the ingredients to make coleslaw

Hey guys,

So I know this is super random but since this heat is here I have been living on salads, and I know the girls I work with have been too. But what is annoying is coleslaw! Yes out of everything that could be annoying I find coleslaw annoying. But this is because pretty much every coleslaw you pick up in the shops has milk in it! Well except Asda 30p special and that is just watery and bland. So lately I’ve been making my own and it tastes soooooo much better!

What you will need…

a counter with all of the ingredients to make coleslaw

  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Onion
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard

What to do…

Firstly you need to shred your cabbage into small pieces. Depending on how much you want to make depends how much of your ingredients you need (well nor you don’t say Kathleen), if you are only making a small amount I would use a quarter of  your cabbage. For this I used just under half as I was also making some for my sister and her family.

shredded white chabbage

Place your shredded cabbage in a mixing bowl then grab your carrots (for this I used 3 small/medium carrots) and using a grater, well grate the carrots up I guess :/.

shredded carrots next to a grater

Before you put your carrots in the bowl with your cabbage, place them/it on a clean towel and try to get as much of the moisture out as you can. Otherwise after a day or 2 it all goes really watery.

sheedded carrots on a towel

Once you’ve got some of the moisture out of the carrots place them in the bowl with the cabbage and grab your onion.

diced onion on a counter

Now you need to dice your onion (for this I used a whole white onion). Then place in the bowl with the cabbage and the carrots.


all the ingredients for coleslaw ready to mix

Now its time to add your mayo and mustard, this is completely dependant upon your taste, the mustard has a kick to it so you might not want to put some in at all or you might want to put plenty in (I used about a level tablespoon for this). Not mix it all together…

home made coleslaw all finished

And Eh Voila! That is your coleslaw! Super simple and this was probably a waste of a post but it’s something I’m enjoying lately so I thought I would write it down. You can mix things up by using red onions, different quantities of the ingredients, more ingredients, different flavours, its worth a try because lets face it, it only costs pennies to make.


Kathleen xox


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