Halloween String Ornaments

Happy Sunday guys!

Since there is about 5 weeks until Halloween I thought it would be fun to do Halloween D.I.Y’s every Sunday until the big day itself. Every where I seem to look nowadays I see these D.I.Y. string ball decorations, whether they are made to become fairy lights or snowmen, I thought that we might as well make some Halloween ones. They look super easy on all of the different videos that I’ve watched up to now so lets give it a try….

What we need

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  • Balloons
  • PVA Glue
  • String
  • Bowl
  • Sharpie
  • Paper (or black felt)
  1. Blow up balloon(s) until you have the desired amount at the size you want.


2)  In your bowl, pour out some PVA.

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3) Now this is where things get messy. You take your string and pull it through the glue and wrap it around your balloon.

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4) Just wrap until your happy with it.

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5) Then leave it to dry. I left mine over night but apparently you can use a hairdryer.

6) Now once the string has dried, you need to pop the balloon, my string sank a little when the balloon deflated, but it moved back to place without much problem.


7) Now this is where you start to decorate it, you can spray paint or paint it, or just stick faces/creatures whatever you like to them. For the face and spider, I used a piece of paper and coloured in my shapes with a black Sharpie and cut around them.


Spiders look cool with these as the extra PVA that is left on the strings add more to the web/ cobweb look.

8) now tie some more string to the balls and hang them wherever you like.

Just as an after thought, a glowstick in the balls would look really good for a party as the face or animal will stand out even more.

Enjoy this super easy Halloween project,


Kathleen xox

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