Great Little Stocking Filler – Ted Baker Lips + Tips

Ted Baker

Hey my lovelies!

This week we have a little £8.50 stocking filler from Boots…

Ted Baker gift set hanging on a tree


Like you can tell by the picture, in this set you get a full sized nail polish and a full sized tinted lip balm. This was my fist time buying anything from the Ted Baker Beauty range and it’s just made e want to go out and buy more! It is such good quality for money it would give a couple of high end brands a run for their money…..

Tinted Lip Balm

Ted Baker lipstick and nail varnish

In its sleek rose gold coloured tube, you would probably be forgiven for thinking somebody is holding a taller thinner sister to the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. Honestly the packaging is almost identical, from the lines on the tube, the sturdy and secure ‘click’ as you put the lid on the tube, too the weight of the product. The only real difference (apart from the price difference) is the slightly more pink hint to the tube, a ‘T’ instead on a ‘CT’ on the top of the lid and the little smooth band that has ‘Ted Baker’ engraved on it, where the lid meets the tube. And the fact that it is thinner means it fits into your going out bag easier!!

Ted Baker next to Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick
Charlotte Tilbury on the left, Ted Baker on the right

the top of a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick and Ted Baker lipstick

So the packaging is up there with the high end brands, but what about the tinted lip balm itself? The first tinted lip balm that popped into my head when I was thinking about this post (probably because its my only other one) is the YSL Tinted lip balm  ……

Ted Baker and YSL lip balm

This is what the YSL lip balm looks like….

swatch of the YSL tinted lip balm

and now with the Ted Baker lip balm swatched next to it…

Ted Baker and YSL swatches together


WOW, just wow! look at the colour difference! Not only does the Ted Baker swatches look more fuller in colour but it applied more evenly (how I just don’t know) They last pretty much the same amount of time and gradually fade off the lips, never loosing moisture. And the difference in price is just something else!

Nail Polish

Ted Baker nail varnish

This is actually really good! I don’t really know how else to describe it if I’m honest. You need 2 thin coats of polish or just 1 average coat in order to get an even full cover application. It dries within a couple of minutes, so you are not sat around all night while the rest of the girls steam ahead,it gives you chance to sing a song and have another drink.

The lid is the same quality as the Lip Balm, heavy in weight and has the same gorgeous rose gold colour and stripey style (obviously Kathleen, they are a set. durr).

Overall the simplicity of the packaging in this set is beautiful alone, and that is before taking into account the quality and price of it. It is such a good stocking filler!! And it is still in the Boots 3 for 2 offer as well!!!

Kathleen xox

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  1. Lookes super pigmented kath xxx

    1. It is chicken 🙂 xxx

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