November 2020 Glossybox

Hey lovelies,

Firstly, how on earth is it November already? After the year that we have all had I am ready to get the Christmas decks up and get as festive as possible. So beware that more festive posts are coming including at least 1 recipe post.

This months glossybox I think they have had planned for a year because it would be fantastic if we were able to get all dolled up and sparkle at a Christmas party or 2…. This year it looks like Zoom parties will become a thing (however, that is definitely a no from me!). But if you want a pamper evening then this months “Make-Up & Magic” box is the one for you and these products are why….

Hask – Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner

I’m sure we received an argan oil in last years November Glossybox (link here) and my hair bloody loved it! This year we have received a conditioner which is meant to help and strengthen dry hair. Now even though I have greasy roots the actual body and ends of my hair is quite dry so this is right up my street. I am looking forward to a weekend pamper where I can use this, and lets face it, we are in lock down 2.0 so that will most likely be this weekend. This full sized sachet retails for £2 which really isn’t that bad considering its size.

Que Bella – Recharge & Restore Moonstone Glitter Gel Mask

If you have read other Glossybox posts then you know I love a good old face mask but I HATE paying for them or buying them myself (yes, yes I know I pay for the monthly Glossybox subscription but that’s different!). So when I saw that this was in the box I was pretty pleased to be honest. It’s a full sized sachet and retails for £2.49. This will be getting used when I next have a nice soak in the bath, maybe when I use the hair mask for that ultimate pamper night.

Generation Clay – Ultra-Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask

So this actually wasn’t meant to be in this months box, we were meant to be getting a full sized Mudmasky “Leave-Me-On Autumn Mask” that’s worth £35. Which is a moisturiser that you leave on during the day and is mean to reduce the appearance of sunspots in 3 weeks. However, the purple tube that we received is from the brand Generation Clay and is worth £19.50 which I’m guessing means this is a deluxe sample size. It’s (obviously) a face mask that’s meant to exfoliate and brighten the skin thanks to the little very small particles in it…

This obviously wasn’t meant to be in the box and I’m guessing some greedy or just generally annoying people complained because Glossybox ended up sending an apology email explaining what the product is. Yeah I really like Mudmasky but a tube of face masks is perfectly fine with me the only bummer was that we had already received another mask in the same box. But you could gift the other mask to someone as a present or a Christmas sticking filler, or just stock pile it for emergencies.

Lasplash Cosmetics – Magic Palette

LOOK AT THAT PACKAGING! There is something about stars, moons and the patterns on this palette that just makes me happy and I don’t know why (am I a typical basic b**ch?… possibly).

I mean the shades itself are a little disappointing, I’m not going to lie. However, you can tell that the plan is for this palette to match any skin tone and make it easy for you to turn something from a day look to a night look. And I am gutted that the black shade is broken but that’s the risk you take when you get an eyeshadow palette in the post. But what is the pigmentation like?

Not going to lie, it’s not the best that I have ever swatched. This is a full sized palette and retails for £29! I would much rather buy the classic Revolution x Soph palette from Superdrug or the Beauty Bay x Nikkie palette. Not only would you save money but you would get more shades which are also more pigmented.

Spectrum Collections – Limited Edition B07 Brush

Yes! A Spectrum brush! We all know that I love eyeshadow brushes (you can NEVER have too many) and last year my love of the brand Spectrum started. They are high quality and even though my cheap brain says that they are a little on the pricey side, they really are not. For the quality you get they are worth it. This brush and the sleeve it comes in makes it look like the brush is from their “Zodiac” range but the handle is missing the gold stars. But who really cares if it’s missing some stars? It’s black and gold and a Spectrum brush that retails for £7.99 and is 100% worth it.

According to the booklet we are meant to be receiving an eye cream that is worth £102 next month. No lie, I would rather have another one of their own brand eye-cream because I bloody love that. But I’m 27 now, I’m not going to turn away eye cream, especially that’s worth £102 in a box I pay £15 for.

This months box cost (as normal) £15 and the things inside were worth £60.98 which is a saving of £45.98. So yes, as normal this box is worth the money you pay for it. I’m not head over heels for this months box but 4 out of the 5 things will definitely be getting used. I’m still excited to see what else we are going to get in next months box which hopefully will be Christmas themed.


Kathleen xox

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