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Hi my lovelies,

This is going to be the start of a new series to my little blog, where each month I am going to talk through the latest Glossybox.

What made me join Glossybox?

Recently I have been watching a Youtuber called Eltoria and she does a monthly series called “unboxing subscription boxes”, After watching her for a couple of months and comparing prices and standard quality of products I finally made my mind up and decided to join the Glossybox community! Not going to lie, seeing that the August the boxes had Huda Beauty lip glosses in them and them giving you discount on the advent calendar were the final things that pushed me.

What was my experience in subscribing to Glossybox?

To subscribe, it is super easy, all you do is go to their website and click on the “subscribe tab”. You select what subscription you want, I went for the 1 month subscription at £10 with a delivery charge of £3.25. I know this says 1 month but in fact its a rolling contract, so unless you unsubscribe from them you will carry on paying and receiving boxes each month. Once you have selected what subscription you want you have to “buy now”, once you checkout you have to create your Glossybox account which is super simple.

Front screen of the Glossybox website
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When I went on the website to start my subscription there was a note saying the August box had sold out (boo!) but you could use the code “August” and get your first box at £8 instead of £10, so obviously I did. But I’ve noticed that they always seem to have a discount code on their website to persuade people to join and I really think that is a good idea and super nice of them considering how much you seem to save on the items inside the box anyway. I subscribed late August so that paid for my September box but normally your payments will be taken from your bank account on the 1st of each month and according the the FAQ’s they dispatch your box on the 5th of the month which is an impressive turnover.

One cute extra that being a subscriber gives you, which I had no idea about until I subscribed, is “GlossyCredits”. Basically each time you receive a box, refer a friend or leave a review on a product, Glossybox credits you account with on average 25p. This adds up and you can either use your credits on the Glossybox website or on their partnered site Look Fantastic!!

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What was my first Glossybox experience?

I received an email from Glossybox on the 8th September to say that my box had been dispatched (exciting!!!!!) and I received a email from Royal Mail on the 9th September to say that they had received my parcel and it would be delivered between a certain time on the 10th September.

One of the questions that I had and could not fine on the website is “does somebody have to be in when the box is delivered or does it go through the letterbox?”. Luckily I was on sick leave from work (after having an emergency appendix removal) when my first box was delivered so I didn’t really have to worry. I got a reminder text on the day from Royal Mail saying that my parcel will be delivered between a certain time, so I knew I had to be awake between then and not pushing myself to walk by going to the shops (I’ve napped and pushing myself A LOT this past 2 weeks, including trying to go back to work 1 week after my operation). At 11:45 there was a knock at the door and it was the postman with my Glossybox! So unfortunately it looks like someone will have to be in when the boxes are delivered each month, which is not good for those of us who will most likely be at work when they are delivered during the week. But with it being delivered by Royal Mail, I am guessing that if you are not in then they will take it back to their sorting office where you can collect it the next day (or up to 18 days if you are super busy). The infamous pink box is delivered in a black cardboard box so you don’t have to worry about damages or products going missing, plus with it being cardboard it is 100% recyclable.

My first box – September 2019

Look how cute and perfect that pink box is!! (heart eyes emoji)

When you open the box, all of the products are wrapped in pink tissue paper/ crepe paper which is sealed shut with a sticker in the shape of the Glossybox symbol and tied with some black ribbon. In between the paper there was a piece of card explaining this years advent calendar (be prepared for daily Instagram photos in December). There was also a little booklet explaining the theme for the month, information and prices for each of the products in the box.

This month was “Delicious Beauty”.

Unfortunately I have only been able to test out the hand gel but here is a look at the rest of the products and an explanation on what they are/do.

A closer look at everything…

Carex – Hand Gel – Fun Edition – You had the possibility of getting 1 of 2 different scents in this, either: Love Hearts or Strawberry Laces. As you can tell from the photo I get the Strawberry Lace scent and to be honest if I had the option on which scent I wanted, then Strawberry Lace would have been it. The scent is not too overpowering and is nice and subtle. When you put the product on your hand, as the packaging says, it is quick drying and if you have any sore spots it tingles like it is helping kill any nasty bacteria that should not be there (like the hospital hand gel). This is a full sized product and according to the leaflet it retails for £1.55.

Mitchell and Peach – No.1 Fine Edition – This is a very unique scent and to be honest it is just not for me, but my mam seems to like it so I haven given this to her. On the leaflet it says that it is made from: fennel, larkspur, rose, ylang-ylang, peony and lavender. You get a deluxe mini which retails at £29.75. Wow that one item is almost double what I paid for the full box!!

Delhicious Body – Original Black Tea Body Scrub – This is a natural body scrub that is made from tea leaves, which I did not realise would impress me so much. I have sensitive skin and it’s really nice knowing I have something new to try which I am unlikely to have a reaction to. It has a strange sweet almond and orange scent to it which is really nice. Like I said above, I have not been able to try this out yet but as soon as I am able to have a bath I will be having a full blown pamper night with this and the hair mask that we will talk about next. This is a full sized product which retails at £7.95

Palmer’s – Coconut Oil Formula, Deep Conditioning Protein Pack – Palmer’s, who hasn’t tried something from this brand? I was obsessed with their lip balm at one point (It was part of my old daily skin routine/ hangover routine). So knowing how much I loved the lip balm makes me very excited to try this hair mask out! Even though I naturally have greasy hair and this mask is supposed to help hydrate and nourish your hair, it’s still got be a good thing to treat your scalp every now and then… right?!? Again it is all natural so I know I won’t have a reaction to it, making my upcoming pamper night that more exciting! It is made with ingredients such as keratin, silk proteins, coconut oil (obviously) and Tahitian Monoi. This is a full sized sachet which retails at £2.49.

MAYY – Banana setting Powder – A make-up piece!! I am super excited to try this out on my second attempt to go to work tomorrow. According to the Glossybox website there are 4 ways to use this: Baking, setting your full face, eyeshadow primer/base and absorbing access oils/shine control. If you use this to bake your concealer it is meant to give you an extra glow/brightness. Don’t worry about the fine powder being yellow in colour, it is meant to go with 99% of skin tones. I have an oily T-zone and the size of this product will be perfect to keep in my bag because it’s not to big and bulky so should fit in most bags. You get a full sized product which retails at £15, which is just over £1 more than the full box!

Colgate Max White – Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste – The final item in the box is a tube of whitening toothpaste! I love trying new toothpastes to see which ones actually work and I have not used this one yet! So once my current tube is finished with this will be going straight into my bathroom. This has activated charcoal in it which is meant to remove 100% of surface stains…. hmmmmm well we will see about that! This is a full sized product which retails at £4. As an extra, since this box is for “beauty that smells good enough to eat”, the lovely people at Glossybox have included a chocolate bar for you at actually eat since you can’t eat the products themselves. Since I am lactose intolerant I was not able to eat the chocolate but my mam said that it was lovely, rich and creamy, so it gets a thumbs up as far as I’m concerned. And for the “glossies” who can eat the chocolate, you can use your new toothpaste to clean your teeth after you have ate it.

Is it worth the money?

For my first box I paid £11.25 because of the introductory discount code instead of the standard £13.25. Adding up everything that you got in the box (excluding the chocolate bar as that was extra and they did not include the price), you get £60.74 worth of things, meaning I saved £49.49. So yeh, I would say that this box is worth the money, plus it has things in it that I would not go out and buy myself but I am looking forward to trying.

Halloween is next month so I’m excited to see if I get a “trick” or “treat” box!


Kathleen xox

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