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Hey my lovelies,

Have you heard the craze about Primarks liquid lipsticks? Well I did (by God knows how many people) and I couldn’t wait to go and get one to add to my ever growing lipstick collection! When I saw the metallic range I felt like I was in heaven (if you haven’t guessed yet I still have a strange lipstick AND metallic lipstick obsession). When I saw the lips kits were £3 as well I put one straight into my basket!

But you know what… this was such a waste of £3. It is one of THE worst liquid lipsticks I have ever used (even worse than the metallic purple Revolution liquid lipstick)  Literally half the price and half the value of that terrible purple one in my last post.

The packaging is plane and boring, you can tell it’s cheap (it’s like they haven’t even tried to make it look nice). But I thought that all the reviews can’t be wrong surely?! I bought the shade ‘Molten Lava’ and bleghhh I honestly think the concealer lipstick phrase we all went through in school was a better look! The liner does absolutely nothing! you have to fully go over your lips to get anything close to a colour change

It actually makes my lips paler than what they are naturally!!!!

Then the lipstick itself goes on patchy (no matter how hard you try), you must be there for a good minute of so (and I know that doesn’t sound long but for applying lipstick it really is). And this is the colour your left with…

No…just no.

Like what shade is that really? My natural lip shade is better!!

I just don’t like it! I honestly can’t see what skin tone this would suit and would not waste my money trying a different shade! There is just better things to waste your money on (£3 or not)


Kathleen xox
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